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Once you have trained as an Arts Award adviser this status is carried with you. You may deliver Arts Award at multiple Arts Award centres. You are therefore not required to retrain in order to continue delivering Arts Award.

Please ensure that your adviser toolkit is up to date so that you are working with the current criteria for Arts Award. The latest toolkit updates from February 2014 (Bronze/Silver/Gold) and September 2017 (Discover/Explore) are available here (Please note you will need to log in with your Arts Award adviser login details to access this page). If you received your Bronze/Silver/Gold toolkit prior to March 2012 and have not downloaded each set of updates then you will be required to purchase a new toolkit. Please purchase your Bronze/Silver/Gold toolkit and/or Discover/Explore toolkit from the online shop. 

If you have any specific questions regarding your delivery or the updated criteria you may wish to take advantage of our free support sessions which are available to existing advisers.  To find out more and to book a surgery date please visit www.artsaward.org.uk/support.

If you feel you would need a full refresher on delivering Arts Award you are welcome to attend the training again. You would also then be provided with the latest version of the toolkit. If you would like to book onto an upcoming training course you may do so here.