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Steps to moderation

For a young person to achieve their Arts Award, two important steps should be followed at the end of their Arts Award journey.

  1. The Primary assessor, a trained Arts Award adviser, who has been working with the young people should assess the young person’s work using an assessment report form.
  2. The adviser’s assessment should be validated by a trained Arts Award moderator through the moderation process. 


What is moderation?

A moderation involves a moderator, trained by Trinity College London, looking at a selected sample of the young people’s work in order to validate an Arts Award adviser’s assessment.


Am I ready for moderation and how do I request a moderation?

As an Arts Award adviser, whilst planning your Arts Award project with your young people, you should also be thinking ahead to when you think your young people’s work will be ready for moderation. 

Before booking a moderation you should ensure you are linked to an Arts Award centre (find out more about registering or linking to a centre).There are a number of moderation options available and these vary depending on the number of young people you are working with and the level of Arts Award you are working on.

Select the relevant level of Arts Award to view the moderation/certification options available.


Given the tremendous growth of Arts Award Explore since its launch in 2012 we are delighted to announce that from the end of this year, advisers working with groups at Explore level will be offered more ways to get their young people moderated. Click here to read about these important changes.