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More options for young people and centres

We offer a range of support options for young people doing the award, their advisers, and the centres in which they work.

Whether you’re an adviser for Arts Award, or you want your organisation to get involved in the programme, use the resources here to find extra help and support.


Face to face support

Develop your Arts Award practice with our new support sessions available free to all advisers. Register for support surgeries to explore and develop your Arts Award delivery with the help of trained consultants, or apply for a free support visit if you work within one of our priority settings.


In your setting

In your setting shows how Arts Award can be run in a wide range of settings and highlights a variety of delivery approaches. 


Digital portfolios

See examples of digital portfolios created by young people. 


In your region

Get a link to your Bridge organisation who offer regional support for Arts Award


Arts Award Supporter

Find out more about Arts Award Supporter, our badging scheme which replaced Arts Award Welcome. If you are an arts or cultural organsations then apply to be a supporter using our quick and easy process, if you are a centre looking for arts and cultural activities find out what supporter offers there are near you!