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We offer a range of support options for advisers and the centres in which they work.

Whether you’re an adviser for Arts Award, or you want your organisation to get involved in the programme, use the resources here to find extra help and support.


Adviser hub 

Take a look at our special website for Arts Award advisers designed to allow them easy access to all the support and resources they need to successfully deliver Arts Award. It’s called the Adviser hub and can be accessed via the Arts Award website or by going to www.artsaward.org.uk/adviserhub. You can find resources and case studies as well as accessing support visits and surgeries.


Face to face support

Develop your Arts Award practice with our new support sessions available free to all advisers. Register for support surgeries to explore and develop your Arts Award delivery with the help of trained consultants, book a remote support session or apply for a free support visit if you work within one of our priority settings. Find out more by visiting the new Adviser hub.


Creating portfolios

Get advice on building portfolios and see some examples  


Arts Award Supporter

Organisations bearing the Arts Award Supporter badge offer activities, events, expertise or resources which help young people working towards their Arts Award. Being a Supporter helps you to develop links with young people, schools and youth groups.  If you are an arts or cultural organsation then apply to be a supporter using our quick and easy process; if you are a centre looking for arts and cultural activities find out what supporter offers there are near you!