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Kick start your Arts Award delivery in 8 easy steps:

Step 1: Train as an Arts Award adviser in the level you wish to deliver (we offer training in Discover & Explore, Bronze & Silver and Gold). Link to your centre to enable you to book moderations and order certificates.

Step 2: Plan your Arts Award delivery. Visit the adviser hub for resources to support your planning.

Step 4: Recruit young people and generate a buzz around Arts Award, and order young people’s materials from the Arts Award shop.

Step 6: During delivery, find out about moderation options and book your moderation (Explore, Bronze/Silver/Gold), or order certificates (Discover) Allow at least 8 weeks to arrange your moderation.

Step 7: Prepare for your moderation (see video below and make use of online resources, including top tips for moderation, adviser assessment forms and evidence checklists).

Step 8: Celebrate your success and plan your next delivery!


Watch this short video with great advice and tips from moderators about how to make sure that you are well prepared for moderation. 


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