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Follow these steps to get started

Step 1: Make sure there is at least one trained Arts Award adviser to work with young people at your centre. Find out more about adviser training courses and book online.

Step 2: Plan your Arts Award delivery. Visit the adviser hub for resources to support your planning

Step 3: Register your centre/new adviser and get on the Arts Award map.

Step 4: Recruit young people.

Step 5: Order young people’s materials from the Arts Award shop.

Step 6: Find out about moderation options and make a booking (Bronze/Silver/Gold).

Step 7: Prepare for your moderation (see video below and browse resources on the adviser hub).

Remember to confirm the young people's names for your Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation date at least three weeks in advance

Step 8: Celebrate your success and share your Arts Award stories.


Watch this short video with great advice and tips from moderators about how to make sure that you are well prepared for moderation. 


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