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Setting up an Arts Award centre

Young people work towards their awards using Arts Award centres as a base, in addition to working independently.

Centres can be set up in a wide variety of different places, from arts organisations to schools, pupil referral units, youth clubs and community centres.  In fact, an Arts Award centre can be any setting that supports children and young people taking part in the arts.

Every Arts Award centre is registered with Trinity College London and must have at least one trained Arts Award adviser. Advisers can work with one centre or across several, and they may also establish new centres.

Becoming an Arts Award centre is a great way to:

  • Kick-start a new arts project
  • Use a clear framework for your existing work with young people
  • Enable young people to work towards a national qualification
  • Engage more young people in the arts and challenge them to develop their creativity and leadership skills


Becoming an Arts Award adviser

Arts Award advisers are key to the success of Arts Award. They support children and young people working towards their awards, acting as mentors, facilitators and primary assessors.

To become an adviser you will need to meet our relevant criteria, including previous experience of working with children or young people.  You then complete an adviser training course, which you can book online

More about Arts Award training



Arts Award advisers are the primary assessors of children and young people's work.

, our introductory award, is not externally moderated. Results are simply confirmed online and certificates issued within 4-6 weeks.

Our four accredited levels, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold are all externally moderated. This involves your assessment being verified by trained moderators.

There are several moderation options to choose from, with something suitable for everyone.


Just trained as an Arts Award adviser?  Check out our steps to getting started