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What is moderation

Moderation is the process of validating the adviser’s assessment of the young people’s work.

Advisers assess the work of all the young people entered for moderation against the toolkit criteria for the respective level of Arts Award, and complete an adviser assessment report form for each young person.

At moderation, a trained Arts Award moderator will look in detail at a sample of the young people’s portfolios/arts logs to ensure the adviser assessment is accurate and in line with Arts Award evidence requirements and assessment criteria, and that evidence has been correctly signposted.

Moderators do not assess young people’s work; they validate the adviser’s assessment.


Plan your moderation

Whilst planning your Arts Award project, you should also be thinking ahead to when you think your young people’s work will be ready for moderation. To help you plan and prepare for moderation, consider the following:

For full guidance on planning ahead and a handy moderation checklist, download the Best Practice Guidebook.


Book moderation

There are three main moderation options:

Book own moderation on your preferred date (minimum fee applies)

Book onto a publicly advertised date

Book onto a publicly advertised date (admin fee and maximum fee apply)

To find out more about each and choose the right moderation option for you:

For full guidance on how to book moderation, visit the individual moderation pages above.


Next steps to moderation

Trinity will confirm your booking by email within 3 working days of receiving your request. This email will contain detailed information and instructions on how to prepare for moderation, including how to enrol names and key deadlines.

Visit the individual moderation option pages to find out how to prepare for and book moderation and what happens on the booked date: standard (face-to-face) / online / postal moderation


Results and certificates

For standard (face-to-face) moderation, the moderator will provisionally confirm your results on your booked  date- the moderation date.

For online and postal moderation, we will email you the provisional results within 3 weeks of your booked date- the sample confirmation date.

Your moderation result will be officially confirmed by Trinity College London with the issue of your certificates.

For standard moderation, certificates are dispatched within 4 weeks of the booked date.

For online and postal moderation, certificates are dispatched within 6 weeks of the booked date.

Go to Certificates for further information.