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* Important note: The process for entering young people for Arts Award changed in December 2023 *

The main improvements are:

      • simple marksheet has replaced the adviser assessment report form
      • Centres enter young people via the centre portal when portfolios and adviser assessments are fully completed
      • No need for advance bookings for moderation; moderation is no longer required for the majority of centres
      • Moderation, where needed, takes place online via our new portfolio submission platform
      • Fast, digital certificate delivery (note: an individual email address for each young person is now compulsory information for the issue of their digital certificate). For details, read our Certificates Info

To learn more about these changes, read our News.

Continue reading for full guidance on how to enter young people for Arts Award under the new process.


Arts Award Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold are regulated qualifications meaning that centres entering young people for these qualifications must provide the advisers’ internal assessments to Trinity.

Centres can enter young people for Arts Award year-round. This must be done only once portfolios and adviser assessments have been completed and centres are ready to provide young people’s details and marks.

There is no requirement to book moderation in advance, as centres will not be moderated every time they enter young people for Arts Award. Centres will only be moderated in some instances externally by Trinity to validate the advisers’ assessments. When entering young people for Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold levels, centres must ensure all portfolios are available for moderation, in case they are selected to be moderated. Moderation is conducted online via our portfolio submission platform. Read below and the Moderation page for further information.

How much does it cost?

Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold qualifications are subject to our per-person fees. For full information and large group discounts see our Qualification fees.

Before you enter young people:

  • Young people's portfolios must be complete and accurately assessed by an Arts Award adviser trained at the respective level. Ensure you are using the most recent toolkit: 7th edition for Bronze/Silver (2023) and 6th edition for Gold (2020). All portfolios must be available for online moderation, in case moderation is required
  • Collect an email address for each young person you will enter for Arts Award for the issue of their digital certificate. For young people under 18, this must be the email address of their parent/guardian. Important note: This is compulsory information to enable us to issue the digital certificate to each young person. We are unable to accept the centre or adviser's email address. Centres and young people may additionaly opt to purchase paper certificates. Centres who have specific challenges to gathering email addresses for digital certificates (e.g. young people who are in care), should contact the Arts Award team to discuss alternative arrangements. For more information, see Certificates Information.

How to enter young people for Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold:

  • Download and complete the enrolment and marks spreadsheet with details (including email addresses) and marks for the young people whose portfolios you have assessed and wish to enter for Arts Award
  • Ensure that all the information entered in the enrolment and marks spreadsheet is correct and final prior to entering young people via the centre portal

For step-by-step instructions, watch the video tutorial below or visit the Arts Award centre operational guidance page. For support, contact us at

What happens next?

Once you have entered the young people successfully via the centre portal, you will receive the invoice automatically via email. Invoices are sent to the person who entered the young people via the portal and also to the main Finance contact registered for the centre. Invoices are generated per submitted order and large group discounts are calculated and applied per order.

We will also notify you within three working days whether your centre has been selected to be moderated or not. Visit the Moderation page for information on the moderation process and associated timelines.

Always allow eight weeks from the point of entering young people to the issue of certificates in the event moderation is required.

If your centre has not been selected to be moderated, certificates will be issued within four weeks from the point you entered young people for Arts Award.

Find out more about Arts Award certificates.

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