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Running Arts Award

We have made some important changes to how we quality assure Arts Award. The changes to the quality assurance process will improve the assessment and certification process for centres allowing greater focus on the delivery of Arts Award for young people.

In practice, this will mean that the majority of centres will no longer be moderated every time they enter young people for Arts Award certification. For more detailed information, read our News and FAQs  and check the Enter Young People section of our website.

So you've registered your organisation as a centre. Great! On this page you can find links to everything you need to run Arts Award successfully. 

If your centre is not yet validated or you haven’t trained as an adviser learn more about the steps to getting started with Arts Award including deciding which levels to offer and how to arrange training.

If you would like to find out more about entering young people for Arts Award, please head to the Enter Young People section of our website.

For answers to common questions like how complete your centre registration or link to an Arts Award centre or how to reset your centre portal login details check out our Help Centre which may well have the answer.

What you will find in this section

  • Plan and get going - advice, support and resources for planning and starting your Arts Award delivery including information about costs and recruiting young people to your project.
  • Deliver - advice, support and resources for your delivery of Arts Award including lots of support on creating portfolios and "arts logs" or the option to buy ready made one from our shop.
  • Achieve - advice, support and resources for assessment and preparing for a successful moderation if you are selected.
  • Celebrate - advice, support and resources for how to share the amazing Arts Award achievements of you and your young people.
  • Support sessions and webinars - develop your Arts Award practice with our support sessions available free to all Arts Award Centres. Register for and watch back webinars which cover a range of topics and ways of delivering.
  • Toolkit - download a digital version of the latest toolkit (you will need to log in to see this page). You can also buy a copy from our shop.
  • Access Fund - provides grants of between £100-£1500 to centres for Arts Award projects working with young people for whom access and inclusion is an issue.

Other useful links

  • Online support for young people - Arts Award Voice is a magazine website which offers ideas, interviews and case studies to inspire young people aged 12+ doing Arts Award. Voice also host dedicated Hubs for BronzeSilver and Gold. The Arts Award Voice Hubs offer step-by-step guidance and examples to help young people through these levels as well as downloadable prompt sheets young people can use to build their evidence.
  • Arts Award Blog - you can keep up to date with all things Arts Award via our blog. We use the blog to let you know about upcoming opportunities, resources, stories and news from Arts Award and the wider arts and education sector. Keep up to date with the blog by following Arts Award on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Arts Award Supporter - organisations bearing the Arts Award Supporter badge offer activities, events, expertise and resources which help young people working towards their Arts Award. Being a Supporter helps you to develop links with young people, schools and youth groups.  If you are an arts or cultural organisation then apply to be a supporter using our quick and easy process; if you are a centre looking for arts and cultural activities find out what supporter offers there are near you!

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