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*Coronavirus update*

We are currently conducting moderations remotely via digital online submission. Remote online moderation will be the only moderation option available to our centres until we are able to return to our normal processes.

If you are planning on booking moderation in the next few months, we strongly recommend you deliver and prepare your work in a digital format to ensure moderation can still go ahead if normal moderation options are not available at the scheduled time. Portfolios that have been created in hard copy will need to be converted into digital format. If portfolios are already online, you will need to share the links with us.

If you are unable to work in digital format, you may place a provisional booking for face-to-face moderation later in the year, though this may be postponed or transferred to our alternative options at a later date if needed. We will contact you nearer the date to offer you the option to either switch to online moderation or postpone to a later date if face-to-face moderation is not available at the time.

For ideas and recommendations about delivering and developing work digitally, please read our blog.

The remote online moderation option that replaces Standard and Joint moderation involves submitting digitally online a percentage of your cohort’s portfolios/arts logs and the assessment report forms for your whole group. Please visit our Large Group Online moderation page for more information about this option and how to place a booking.

Please note that for Trinity to facilitate this moderation option, centres must consent to their digital work being accessed by an Arts Award moderator through their personal computer. Moderators will only have access to the work for the period of the moderation.


We are now taking bookings for the following Bronze/Silver/Gold joint moderations. 

If you can't find a suitable moderation date listed, please check back on this page regularly as new dates are added as host bookings are made.

The host centre will be moderated first at the approximate start time below. Guest centre moderations will follow. Please contact us to enquire about timings.

If the closing date for registration has already passed, it may still be possible for you to join the moderation.

Please email moderation.team@trinitycollege.co.uk with an overview of your cohort size, the level(s) of Arts Award the young people are working towards, and the number of advisers who will assess the work. Trinity will use this information to determine whether a suitable space is available on the date requested and whether a late booking can be made.



Request a Bronze/Silver/Gold joint moderation by logging into the centre portal


Dates listed below are provisional and subject to face-to-face moderations being able to go ahead at that time.


 Location & Approximate Start Time

 Closing Date for Booking








North West



North East






West Midlands



East Midlands



South West



South East