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With Remote Large Group online (or Large Group online), the date advertised for booking is the sample confirmation date (SCD)How do SCDs work?

For Remote Large Group online moderations we request a sample of portfolios to be submitted for moderation and not the work of all the young people enrolled.

On the sample confirmation date, we will email you the names of the young people selected in the random sample, and instructions on where to send the work to. The moderation will take place a few weeks after this.


How much does it cost? 

Large Group Online moderations are subject to a minimum moderation fee of £150. The moderation fee will either be the minimum fee or the total of the per-person moderation fees, whichever is greater.

Find out more moderation fees and per-head costs by level.


How do I book?

Please review the dates below and select the most appropriate for your cohort.

The dates advertised are the sample confirmation date, not the moderation date. All portfolios must be complete and assessed by the relevant adviser by the sample confirmation date.

To book onto your chosen sample confirmation date, please log into the Arts Award centre portal and place a moderation request with the following details:

• Moderation Type – Joint
• Date – Your chosen sample confirmation date
• Start Time – Any
• Arts Award Levels/Young People/Adviser numbers – Please complete as far as possible. Note: You will not be able to enter Explore details at this stage.
• Joint Moderation Type – I would like to join a moderation advertised on the website
• Date and location: Please enter the phrase Large Group online moderation and the sample confirmation date you would like to book onto.
• Please tell us… – Please enter, ahead of any other notes, the provisional numbers of young people/advisers completing Explore level that you were unable to previously provide.

Important: If you do not state that your booking is for a Large Group online moderation or pick one of the dates advertised below, your booking request will not be accepted.

By booking onto a Large Group online moderation, you provide consent that:

• You are able to upload the requested work to an online file-hosting site, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and    share this via a link to view the work
Trinity will share the link with the moderator, who will moderate the work via their personal computer

If you are unable to consent to the above, you must select an alternative moderation option.

You will receive a Large Group online moderation booking confirmation once your booking has been processed.



The upcoming sample confirmation dates for Large Group online moderation are:


• 9 February 2021 - Date now closed

(Book & enrol names by 19 January 2021 / send sample portfolios by 16 February 2021)

• 23 February 2021

(Book & enrol names by 2 February 2021 / send sample portfolios by 2 March 2021)

• 9 March 2021

(Book & enrol names by 16 February 2021 / send sample portfolios by 16 March 2021)

• 23 March 2021

(Book & enrol names by 2 March 2021 / send sample portfolios by 30 March 2021)


Places on Large Group online moderation are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Book now 


Request a sample confirmation date by logging into the adviser portal



What happens next? 

Trinity will confirm your booking by email within 3 working days of receiving your request. This email will contain further information on how to complete the required adminstration for your moderation and prepare for the moderation day.

All email communication in relation to this moderation will be sent to the person selected as the booking contact and will be from your assigned 'Trinity Contact' - the Trinity staff member who is co-ordinating your moderation. Once booked, all queries about your moderation should be made to your assigned Trinity contact as they will be best placed to help. If you have not received your confirmation booking email within 3 working days, please contact Moderation.Team@trinitycollege.co.uk

Please ensure you read the booking confirmation email for further information and instructions about how to enrol names for moderation.

The young people's portfolios and adviser assessment report forms must be completed by the sample confirmation date. Assessment report forms must be completed for all of the young people enrolled.


What happens on the sample confirmation date?

On the booked date, we will email you the names of the young people, whose work has been chosen to be sampled and instructions on where and how to send the work to us. The sample size will be determined by the number of advisers assessing the work (as indicated at the point of enrolment), and the levels of Arts Award they are assessing.

You must send a portfolio for each of the young people selected in the sample, plus completed adviser assessment report forms for all the young people enrolled for moderation.

The link(s) to the online portfolios containing the requested work must be provided within 7 days from the sample confirmation date.

The moderator will not contact the adviser on the day of the moderation. Results will be issued via email within three weeks from the sample confirmation date.

Certificates will be sent within 6 weeks from your sample confirmation date.


View our Terms and Conditions of booking, updated as of July 2020. 


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