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Arts Award Discover is an introductory award, certificated by Trinity College London, and is not a regulated qualification. This means that the adviser’s assessment is final and no moderation needs to be booked to validate the adviser’s assessment. Unless an issue is identified with a centre, Trinity does not carry out an additional check of the assessment or young people's work.

To request certificates for Arts Award Discover, centres submit details of the young people their adviser(s) have assessed to have met the assessment criteria for the award.


How much does it cost?

The cost for Discover certificates is £4 per person.

(For group discounts and further information see moderation and certification fees)


Before you request Discover certficates:

• Your centre must be registered with Arts Award via the centre portal

• Advisers must be linked to the centre via the centre portal

• Young people's arts logs must be complete and have been accurately assessed as meeting the assessment criteria by a trained Arts Award Discover/Explore adviser

• Ensure you are using the most recent toolkit during the delivery and assessment of the young people’s arts logs. The most up to date toolkit for Discover and Explore is 5th edition (September 2020). If you are using the previous edition you can download the updated pages by going to www.artsaward.org.uk/toolkit or purchase a new toolkit. If you are using an edition older than this, you must purchase a new toolkit.


How to request Discover certificates:

•  Download and complete the Discover enrolment spreadsheet
•  Email the spreadsheet to DiscoverNames@trinitycollege.co.uk


What happens next?

Discover certificate orders are processed within 5 working days of receipt of a completed enrolment spreadsheet. Invoices for Discover certificate orders are sent via email to the person who made the request. Orders and invoices are generated per enrolment spreadsheet received and large group discounts are also calculated and applied per enrolment spreadsheet received.

Discover certificates are dispatched within 4 weeks of invoice issue, subject to payment. Find out more about Arts Award certification.


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