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Budget planning for Arts Award

When planning your Arts Award delivery, you'll need to be aware of the core costs and fees. These cover the required training and moderation fees and the optional material costs, and are set out below for the period of September 2021 - August 2022.



Adviser training (per person)

Young people’s materials (optional)

Moderation & certificates (per portfolio or arts log)



for both levels



Certificate only








for both levels 





Discontinued - please visit the Silver Hub




Discontinued - please visit the Gold Hub



Download Arts Award Costs and Funding 2021 - 2022


You can save money!

You can buy multipacks of arts logs and guidance booklets and we offer group discounts for moderation - find out how you can save

For additional info on moderation fees, go to Moderation and certification fees.


Costs for young people

The costs involved in providing opportunities for young people to complete the award vary greatly depending on the level, art form and setting.

Each centre approaches the direct costs to young people differently: some centres access free arts events or take advantage of discounted offers; others fundraise or subsidise activities from their core funding.

Some centres will charge a fee for participation and activities whereas others may cover the costs.


Access Fund grants

Arts Award centres can also apply for an Arts Award Access Fund grant.

Arts Award Access Fund provides small grants to individuals and groups who need financial help to achieve an Arts Award. Find out more


Schools and training providers

Below you'll find the links to the formal recognition sites you will need if you are a school or formal training provider


Arts Award

Awarding organisation 

Qualification title 

Fundable by schools

Fundable by EFA for 16 + and SFA for 19+
(Learning Aims Reference Service) LARS


Trinity College London (TCL) Entry Level 3 Award in the Arts  600/3894/9 60038949


Trinity College London (TCL)

Level 1 Award in the Arts 




Trinity College London (TCL) 

Level 2 Award in the Arts 




Trinity College London (TCL) 

Level 3 Certificate in the Arts 



Other funding guidance and opportunities