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Completing a short expression of interest form is a crucial step to becoming an Arts Award centre. You can find the form on this page, along with full details about the online centre validation process. 

How do we become an Arts Award centre? 

Organisations interested in becoming an Arts Award centre need to follow Trinity’s online validation process. This has four steps: 

  1. Check you meet Trinity’s requirements to become a centre (see below) 
  2. Review the Validated Centre Specification to make sure you understand the expectations of Arts Award centres 
  3. Complete the expression of interest form
  4. Finally, we’ll send you a digital application form to complete. 

What are the requirements for Arts Award centres? 

Here is a list of Trinity’s requirements for all Arts Award centres. Please check your organisation is able to meet all three requirements: 

  • Centres should be a registered business.  
  • Centres agree to training at least one Arts Award adviser.  
  • Centres will only run Arts Award in either England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland.  

Who should complete the form? 

The expression of interest form should be completed by someone holding a senior role within your organisation, such as a manager or leader. 

Next steps 

Once we have processed your application, you’ll be able to complete your registration on our online portal and you can sign your centre agreement as a validated Arts Award centre! 

Arts Award centre expression of interest form 

To apply to become an Arts Award centre, please complete the expression of interest form below:

If you’d like help completing the form, please contact us.

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