Login to access your Arts Award pages

The Arts Award centre portal gives you control over the details we hold for any Arts Award centres you are linked to. You can update your centre details and the public details that appear for your centre on the Arts Award centre map.
It is the responsibility of advisers linked to an Arts Award centre to ensure centre details are kept up to date. Arts Award centres are also responsible for ensuring that advisers who leave their organisation are unlinked from the centre, and understanding the types of data that linked advisers have access to. Further information on this can be found in your centre agreement.
To access the details of your Arts Award centre:
Step One: On the homepage of the centre portal, click the ‘Centre Details’ tab at the top of the page.
Step Two: On the top half of the page, click the name of the centre you’d like to review the details for. This will take you through to the main centre details page.
Please Note: You can also view the status of your centre from this page, by looking under ‘Status’ in the centre list. If your centre's status is not ‘active it may mean you have yet to sign your centre agreement and you will be unable to book a moderation/request Discover certificates until this is complete.
On the centre details page, you will be able to amend:
Centre contact details - including address, phone and email contact details.
Please Note: If you have an upcoming moderation and/or have recently submitted a Discover certificates order, or plan to do so within the next month, please email moderation.team@trinitycollege.co.uk when updating your centre address to ensure certificates are delivered to the new address.
It is not possible to amend the centre name within the adviser portal. Please email centreagreements@trinitycollege.co.uk for further information on how to change your centre name.
To amend the certificate name (the name your centre appears as on certificates), please email moderation.team@trinitycollege.co.uk.
Website listing information – including the centre’s visibility on the Arts Award centre map and if the centre is open to new members and contact from others.
Art forms – in the ‘Art Forms’ tab, click the plus or dustbin symbols to add/remove art forms the centre works with. If the centre is visible on the Arts Award centre map, these will appear there.
Advisers – It is not possible to remove or add advisers from your centre via the adviser portal.
To add advisers: Advisers will need to log into the centre portal using their own account details and follow the ‘Register/Link to a centre’ action to link to a centre.
To remove advisers: Please email moderation.team@trinitycollege.co.uk with a list of those who should be removed and a member of the team will facilitate this.
To nominate a Main Contact: If you wish to nominate yourself or another linked adviser as the main contact or certificate addressee for a centre, please email moderation.team@trinitycollege.co.uk.
Venues – in the ‘Venues’ tab, click the + to add a new venue. These can then be selected when making a new moderation booking request.
To save any changes you make to your centre record press ‘Ctrl’ & ‘S’ on your keyboard or click the menu icon, which looks like a cog, on the top-right of the page and select ‘Save Record’.