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Arts Award Discover

Where the Arts Award adventure begins...

Arts Award Discover is the start of the Arts Award adventure. It takes children and young people on an artistic journey as they explore the arts all around them, investigate different art forms, research an artist, and then share their discoveries with others. 

As well as developing their knowledge and understanding of the arts, Arts Award Discover boosts children's creativity, curiosity, confidence and communication skills. We've made a short video so you can see for yourself. 

Arts Award Discover from Arts Award on Vimeo

Please note: these videos are not a substitute for the adviser toolkit and do not contain all the information needed to successfully understand the requirements of Arts Award. In order to deliver the awards, you must have completed adviser training. 

To achieve Arts Award Discover, young people create a personal 'arts log' of experiences. This provides evidence of:

  • taking part in arts activities
  • researching artists or craftspeople and their work
  • sharing their arts discoveries.

Discover is the launch-pad for the Arts Award qualifications: Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold. This introductory level is designed for ages 5 and above and open to anyone aged 25 and under. It typically takes 20 guided learning hours, and everyone who completes this introductory award receives a certificate from Trinity College London. Read the Discover qualification specification.

Keen to get started with Discover? Take a look at our Discover & Explore adviser training to find out what’s involved with learning how to run this level.

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