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Is Arts Award admin heavy?

Definitely not, the only paperwork advisers complete is an assessment form with four tick boxes and three sentences for each portfolio.  Arts Award evidence can be captured within delivery using photos, posters, post-its, recordings and young people can gather feedback via social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.  Don’t be limited to paper!


What happens if young people want to do an art form we don’t offer?

Arts Award is about personal development and learning.  This does not always mean that each young person chooses something different.  Each individual can plan their personal challenge within a group activity provided they can make choices and take on roles that interest them.


Can social action be delivered through the arts and accredited with Arts Award?

Yes it can. Whether young people choose to raise funds for or promote awareness of a social issue, or volunteer for a chosen cause, there are plenty of ways in which they can do this creatively whilst developing their arts and leadership skills. Our Creative Campaigning resource is designed to support advisers through this process and offers practical examples for how this can be achieved in all areas of youth work.


Is Arts Award mainly for schools?

Not at all! Only around half of all Arts Award's are delivered in school settings, so there is lots of great work happening outside of formal education.


Is Arts Award still useful for young people already studying GCSEs or A-levels?

Arts Award Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold are regulated qualifications along with other nationally recognised vocational qualifications. For young people undertaking GCSEs or A-levels, Arts Award can complement and extend their academic studies. Arts Award recognises personal progress within the arts rather than a specific skill level.