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Arts Award Explore

An Entry Level qualification in the arts

Arts Award Explore encourages children and young people to experience different art forms and artists, and develop their own creativity. Along the way they record what they've achieved and enjoyed and share it with others.

As they work through Arts Award Explore, young people build their artistic knowledge, creativity and confidence – and gain a recognised qualification in the process. They research a range of genres, creators and arts organisations, and make full use of their imagination and communication skills. Our short video explains how it works.

Arts Award Explore from Arts Award on Vimeo

Please note: these videos are not a substitute for the adviser toolkit and do not contain all the information needed to successfully understand the requirements of Arts Award. In order to deliver the awards, you must have completed adviser training. 

To achieve Arts Award Explore, young people create a personal arts log, in a format of their choice, presenting evidence of:

•    taking part in a range of arts activities – including a personal response about what has inspired them
•    researching the work of artists or craftspeople and arts organisations
•    creating a piece of art work
•    sharing with others what they have enjoyed and achieved through completing their Arts Award

Arts Award Explore is designed for ages 7 and above and is open to anyone aged 25 and under. An Entry Level (Entry 3) qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), it typically takes 25 guided learning hours plus 10 independent learning hours to complete (35 hours total qualification time). Read the Explore qualification specification.

Interested in running Explore in your organisation? Take a look at what our Discover & Explore online training entails.


We are keen to extend Arts Award Discover and Explore to even younger children so that 5 and 6 year olds can benefit from doing an Arts Award. The introductory level, Arts Award Discover, is now open to this younger age range and we have a range of booklets to suit both younger and older children wishing to do Discover and Explore.
We have developed our Explore logs for the older age range which is available to buy from the online shop - they now include:
A4 Explore log & stickers for ages 7 plus – this arts log is full of colourful characters supporting young learners through their journey
A4 Explore log for ages 11 plus – this stylish arts log appeals to teenagers and helps them organise their work

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