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Any business, arts and cultural organisation, school or youth organisation can register a centre with Trinity to deliver Arts Award. The centre is the organisation responsible for the delivery of the awards and through whom young people certificate/moderate their work. To register a centre a person who has authority at your organisation will need to read and sign Trinity’s centre agreement. The centre agreement consists of standard terms and conditions that clarify the responsibility of the centre to provide appropriate administration for Arts Award. 
The centre agreement will require you to provide details that demonstrate your organisation is a registered business, charity or school, such as a Company’s House number, Charity number, DFE number or Unique Tax Reference Number where you are self-employed as well as a website address.
Each registered Arts Award centre has a centre representative who acts as the main point of contact between the centre, the Arts Award advisers and young people, and Trinity staff and moderators. The centre representative is usually an employee of the centre and not involved in current Arts Award projects as an adviser. Whilst they oversee Arts Award delivery at the centre they may ask advisers to take on certain administrative responsibilities, for example booking and planning moderations. In a small number of cases, where no other administrator is available, the centre may ask an adviser working with young people to take on the additional role of centre representative.
If you are an individual working as a freelancer to deliver Arts Award there are two options available to you to register a centre:
  1. Each of the organisations you plan to work with can be set up as a centre, if no employee of the centre is able to undertake this. You can be the centre rep for these organisations but each separate organisation will need to sign a centre agreement and they will receive a registered Trinity centre number.  If you do not have authority to sign the agreement on the organisations behalf, you will need to forward the agreement on to the most appropriate person.
  2. Individuals who are self-employed and can demonstrate they have their own business as a separate legal entity and can meet the terms and conditions of the centre agreement can register this business to be a centre.  It is the organisation that will need to enter into the centre agreement with Trinity rather than the individual. We will require you to provide the Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) for your business and by signing the centre agreement you agree that you have appropriate insurance and safeguarding polices in place for working with young people.
On receipt of your centre agreement to Trinity we will do some basic checks to verify the details you have provided us with such as confirming the DFE, charity or company’s house or UTR number you have provided.  
All organisations should provide a website address as we will check to see that your organisation works with children and young people.
Where you are an organisation such as a prison, youth offending team, local authority or other organisation that does not have a business number we will use the website details you provide to verify your address. (In some instances this will be a wider organisation or authority website such as the Youth Justice Board website.)
If you do not have either a business registration number or a website address for your business, please provide us with details of how we can check your business credentials.
Please note: No face-to-face moderations may take place in private homes.