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All Arts Award centres need to appoint a centre representative. This must be one named person that will take responsibility for the role, as follows. The centre representative will act as the main point of contact between your registered Arts Award Centre, your Arts Award advisers and young people, and Trinity staff and

It is the centre representative’s responsibility to communicate the procedures and information contained in this guidebook to all staff and contractors involved in the delivery and administration of Arts Award at your centre, and to monitor and report compliance to Trinity as needed. Every Arts Award centre must have a named centre representative and only one person can take on this role.

Your centre representative should be an employee of your centre and, ideally, should not be an adviser who is carrying out Arts Award work with the young people. We strongly advise that these roles are kept separate in order for the centre to maintain an overview of their Arts Award programme and ensure that all staff involved in delivery are following the necessary policies and procedures.

If an adviser also takes on the role of centre representative, the centre is reminded of the need to carefully monitor that the adviser is carrying out the necessary administrative tasks to the required standard, as well as focusing on the delivery of Arts Award with young people.

Find out more about the responsibilities of a centre representative in our Best Practice Guidebook