Login to access your Arts Award pages

One important function of the Arts Award centre portal is the ability to view current and historical data regarding Arts Award moderations and Discover certificate orders. This information is useful for centres looking to collate information on their delivery of Arts Award over the years and enables advisers to quickly locate invoices for orders.
Step One: On the homepage of the centre portal, click the ‘Moderation bookings’ tab at the top of the page.
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Step Two: On the top half of the page, select the relevant centre by clicking next to the centre name or number (not the centre name itself as this will take you through to the ‘Centre details’ tab instead). In the bottom half of the page a list of all the current approved and historic moderations/Discover certificate orders will appear. Find the order you are wishing to look further into and click on the order number.
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Step Three: The page that opens will contain all the details of the young people who were submitted for the moderation/certificate order, including the level of Arts Award they completed. If the order is historical, or you have already been invoiced for it, you can also download a list of the young people for your records. To do this, click on the ‘Attachment’ tab under the moderation details.
invoices accessing
Step Four: A list of attachments will appear, including any invoices associated with the order and the ‘AA List of Young People Confirmed for Moderation’, which contains the young people’s details and level of Arts Award they were enrolled for. To download a file, click on the file name.
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