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Once you have received a booking confirmation for your chosen moderation or sample confirmation date, you will need to enrol the names of the young people whose portfolios or arts logs you are entering for moderation. Names must be enrolled no later than 21 days prior to the moderation or sample confirmation date and should ideally be enrolled once the young people have been assessed by the adviser. Additional names can be added up to 7 days prior to the moderation or sample confirmation date, however this is at the discretion of the Arts Award team.
Step by step instructions for using the centre portal are given below or use our step by step video
Step One: On the homepage of the centre portal, under the heading ‘Confirm names by spreadsheet’, click ‘Confirm names for an approved Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold moderations’ to download the mass enrolment spreadsheet.
confirm names
Step Two: Open the spreadsheet from your downloads and be sure to read through the information at the top of the document as this contains important notes about how to complete the spreadsheet and ensure a smooth enrolment process.
Step Three: Complete all required sections of the spreadsheet for all the young people to be enrolled on the moderation (these are marked with a blue heading). Don’t forget to enter your centre name and number where indicated should you need to send the spreadsheet to the Arts Award team at a later stage. Please ensure all spellings are correct as this is how they will appear on the young people’s certificates.
confirm names 2
Most parts of the form will have a drop-down list to choose the correct option from. Please use these options and do not copy and paste data into these cells. These options are unique to Trinity Online and incorrectly formatted responses will not be accepted by the system.
Step Four: Save the spreadsheet and, in the centre portal, click the ‘Moderation bookings’ tab at the top of the page or ‘Confirm names for an approved Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation’ on the centre portal homepage.
confirm names 3
Step Five: On the top half of the page, select the centre for which you are enrolling names by clicking next to the centre name or number (not the centre name itself as this will take you through to the ‘Centre details’ tab instead). In the bottom half of the page a list of all the current approved and historic moderations will appear. Find the correct moderation date you are enrolling the young people onto and click on the order number.
confirm names 4
Step Six: The page that opens will be where you need to paste the young people’s details into. In the mass enrolment spreadsheet, in the row containing the first young person’s details (usually row 31) click the row number (this will highlight the whole row) and drag down until all the young people’s details have been highlighted.
confirm names 5
Step Seven: Copy the data by either pressing ‘Ctrl’ & ‘C’ on your keyboard or right-clicking with your mouse and selecting ‘copy’ in the list that appears.
Step Eight: In the centre portal, right click anywhere in the ‘Mass Enrolment’ box and select ‘Paste’ and then ‘Save Enrolments’ once the data has loaded into the page.
confirm names 6
Step Nine: If an error message appears, note the ‘page’ and ‘line’ it refers to and click ‘OK’. Locate the relevant page and line (you can move between pages at the bottom of the ‘Mass Enrolment’ box) and use the horizontal scroll bar to locate the error, which will be highlighted red. Make sure the page window is maximised as otherwise you may not be able to scroll all the way to the right.
confirm names 7
Make any corrections and click ‘Save Enrolments’ to save.
If you are unable to locate and/or resolve errors and therefore cannot save the young people’s details, please ensure all advisers are linked to your Arts Award centre, and then email your Trinity contact with the Mass Enrolment Spreadsheet attached so they are able to advise.
Step Ten: Once successfully saved, scroll back to the top of the page and click ‘Submit’.
confirm names 8
If you receive an error at this stage, please email your Trinity contact with a screenshot of the error and they will advise. To take a screenshot click the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard (usually next to F12). You can then paste this directly into an email using ‘Ctrl’ & ‘V’ or right clicking and selecting ‘paste’. Be sure to attach a copy of the Mass Enrolment Spreadsheet to the email.
If the ‘Submit’ button turns grey, the young people’s names have been enrolled successfully and you will receive an invoice for your moderation within 3 working days.