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Arts Award is designed to be accessible to children and young people with a range of abilities, backgrounds and individual learning requirements because:
  • it measures and supports each individual’s personal progress
  • it is accessible for most young people who face barriers to learning or who may not be able to achieve other qualifications
  • evidence can be collected in a range of formats, meaning that non-verbal or less confident communicators can be supported to achieve the qualification
  • it can be delivered in enjoyable, ‘non-formal’ formats using a wide range of art forms including digital media, music production, DJing and film making.
You can find out what’s expected of young people at each level using our resource Arts Award levels at a glance. Examples of some different formats portfolios have been presented in are available at www.artsaward.org.uk/portfolios, including Evidencing Arts Award, a resource featuring portfolios from SEN/D groups.