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Assessment of a young person's portfolio/arts log involves checking the work against:
  • Evidence requirements (for each part of the award)
  • Assessment criteria (across the whole award)

These can be found in the adviser toolkit. The evidence requirements can be found in the breakdown for each part of the award and the assessment crtieria can be found at the end of each level, outlining the level of skills and knowledge expected from the young people. We also have a useful assessment criteria support resource which provides some examples of how these criteria can be demonstrated across all five levels.


Conflicts of interest

In general, it is not best practice for Arts Award advisers to assess portfolios belonging to their own children or other close relatives. Where this is the case, Trinity should be notified at the point of moderation booking, and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Arts Award advisers may deliver an Arts Award programme to young people with whom they have a close relationship, however assessment of the completed portfolio/arts log should be undertaken by a different Arts Award adviser wherever possible. If you are unsure about whether your situation is a conflict of interest, please contact us for advice.
Please note: due to current limitations on normal ways of working due to coronavirus, we are applying some flexibility and will confirm when this approach will be fully implemented. In the meantime, if you are an adviser that will be assessing a family member, please confirm this to the moderation team when you place your moderation booking. The team will make sure that the family member is included in the sample of work looked at by the moderator.

Check your toolkit is up to date

Before assessing, please ensure that your adviser toolkit is up to date so that you are working with the current criteria and guidance for Arts Award. The latest toolkit updates from September 2020 - Discover/Explore (5th Edition), Bronze/Silver (6th Edition) and Gold (6th Edition) are available here (Please note you will need to log in with your Arts Award adviser login details to access this page).
If you received your Bronze/Silver/Gold toolkit prior to September 2017 you are encouraged to download the most recent toolkits.

Assessment Report Forms 

Assessments must be completed on the relevent assessment report form for that level. These forms take the same format for all five levels of Arts Award. Assessment report forms are a single page document where advisers record their assessment of each part of the award and signpost the evidence in the young person's portfolio/arts log which justifies this assessment. Every portfolio/arts log being entered for Arts Award should have one of these forms attached, as this is how the moderator will check that assessment has been accurate and consistent. You can follow our step-by-step guide to the assessment report form and download completed examples from the Adviser hub.
We’ve also written a guide for assessment report forms on the Arts Award Blog.