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When assessing young people’s work there are two things to compare it against. The evidence requirements for each part are found in your toolkit, and underlying the whole award are our assessment criteria. You’ll find these in the toolkit at the end of each level, outlining the level of skills and knowledge expected from young people. We also have a useful assessment criteria support resource which provides some examples of how these criteria can be demonstrated across all five levels.
Assessments will be entered on the relevant assessment report form. These take the same format for all five levels of Arts Award. Assessment report forms are a single page document where advisers record their assessment of each part and signpost the evidence which justifies this assessment. Every logbook or portfolio being entered for Arts Award should have one of these forms attached, as this is how a moderator will check that assessment has been accurate and consistent. You can follow our step-by-step guide to the assessment report form, and download completed examples for Discover, Explore or Bronze.
We’ve also written a guide for assessment report forms on the Arts Award Blog.