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If you are the first adviser to deliver Arts Award at your centre you will need to register a new Arts Award centre prior to requesting moderation or submitting Discover spreadsheets.
To register a new Arts Award centre you must be a trained Arts Award adviser and have received your log in details. Your log in details would have been issued after completing adviser training. If you have yet to receive your log in details, please refer to this guide.
As this process can take a few weeks, it is advised that you register your centre shortly after training.
Please Note: Be sure to review the requirements to set up an Arts Award centre prior to submitting a registration request.
Step One: On the homepage of the adviser portal, click ‘Register or link to an Arts Award centre’.
Register centre
Step Two: When asked ‘Has your centre already been registered?’, select ‘No’ and click ‘Next’.
Register centre 2
Step Three: Fill out the requested information boxes (those that are compulsory have a * next to them) and click next to continue to the next page. Repeat for pages 2-4 of the registration form.
Register centre 3
Step Four: On the ‘Centre contacts’ page of the registration form (page 5), you will be asked to nominate a main contact for your Arts Award centre. If you will be the main contact, do nothing and click ‘Next’. If someone else will be the main contact, click the magnifying glass and then ‘+’ to add the contact to your centre.
Register centre 4
Enter the first name, last name and email address for the person you would like to nominate as main contact. Please Note: This will not give the contact the ability to make moderation bookings/log in to the adviser portal; instead this will be the email address to whom Arts Award centre-related information and updates will be sent, including the centre agreement.
When complete, press the save button, and then ‘OK’ to confirm and return to the main form. Click ‘Next’.
Register centre 5-1
Step Five: Use the drop-down list to select whether you’d like your Arts Award centre to be ‘open’ to new members. An ‘open’ Arts Award centre allows new members of the public to join and undertake their Arts Award with them (please see step six for how prospective members can locate your information), whereas a ‘closed’ Arts Award centre does not. This can be amended later via the Centre details tab in the adviser portal.
Select which art forms you offer (this helps to give prospective members an idea about your Arts Award delivery) and click ‘Next’. Complete the options on the next page and click ‘Next’ when ready.
Step Six: On page 8 of the form, you will be asked to choose whether you would like to appear on the Arts Award centre map for other centres/young people to contact you. This can be amended later via the Centre details tab in the adviser portal.
Register centre 6
Step Seven: If applicable, enter the telephone number, website and email of the centre (a main helpdesk line or email address would be ideal) and click ‘Next’. You will then be taken to the final page of the centre registration form, which explains the rest of the centre registration process. When you are ready, click ‘Finish’.
Step Eight: If your centre meets the Arts Award centre requirements, within 5 working days you will receive the centre agreement via email. If your centre does not meet the Arts Award centre requirements, or further information is needed, you will be contacted within 5 working days by a member of the Arts Award team.
The centre agreement will come from Trinity College London’s Legal Department via Adobe Sign: (echosign@echosign.com) and will have ‘Please sign REC-AA-UK’ in the subject of the email. Please be sure to check your junk or spam folders, as it may go through to these rather than your Inbox.
Read the email thoroughly and then click through to the document via the link in the email. If you are unable to complete this yourself, you can pass this on to someone else to sign. Complete all the indicated sections of the form and for any section that does not apply enter ‘N/A’. When all details have been completed, ‘Click to Sign’ will appear at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions to sign and finalise your centre agreement.
Step Nine: Once you have successfully signed the centre agreement, you will receive an email confirming the agreement has been signed and filed, which will have a countersigned copy of the agreement attached for your records. If you do not receive this, please try and re-enter the centre agreement through the original email link. If an error appears, please email centreagreements@trinitycollege.co.uk. If you can access and amend the agreement this means it has not been successfully completed. Please double check all sections of the agreement have been completed as per the instructions in step eight before re-signing.
Your centre will be activated within 5 working days of signing the centre agreement. Once your centre has been activated you will also receive a welcome email from Trinity containing useful resources to help you with your Arts Award delivery and moderation planning.