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Royal Shakespeare Company

Trinity College London and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) worked in partnership from 2008-2018 with one key project being the creation of a special edition, known as Shakespeare Challenge. This resulted in Shakespeare Challenge special edition certificates being achieved, exploring a wide range of Shakespeare plays and giving young people the experience of working with script writers, creating characters and devising productions based on Shakespeare’s works.

'We are delighted that so many young people across the country achieved the Shakespeare Challenge Arts Award. We’ve been really impressed by the calibre of the work produced over the past ten years.'  Jacqui O’Hanlon, RSC Director of Education.


Football Arts Academy

During 2009, we worked with the Football Foundation to support four major football clubs in the south of England to pilot a programme which used Arts Award to accredit arts projects run by their community teams.


Lights, Camera Parliament

Run by Parliament’s Education Service, Lights, Camera, Parliament! invites young people aged 7-16 to submit a short film, or a script or a storyboard that responds to the question: ‘If you could make one law, what would it be?’. We worked with them to show how the film making process could count towards Bronze and Silver Arts Award.


Culture Street

We worked together to create links between their fantastic online resources and Arts Award including a short film about exploring an arts organisation.


The Scout Association

We worked with The Scout Association to support their members to take part in Arts Award. There are now a number of Scout Groups delivering Arts Award successfully - see 1st Olney Scout group case study to find out how they achieved Arts Award Bronze.


National Citizenship Service

An opportunity for young people aged 16 and 17 to take part in social action projects before their next step into education or employment – we worked with NCS to pilot Arts Award as a qualification which recognises their achievements.


UK Youth

We launched Creative Campaigning - an Arts Award journey to social action, in partnership with UK Youth. The resource inspires youth workers to acredit youth social action through Arts Award and as a progression route following UK youth's Youth Acheivement Award.


Children & the Arts

We worked to support the Children & the Arts START programme, bringing high quality arts experiences to young children in areas of socio-economic deprivation between 2016-2019. Over this period over 2000 young people achieved their Arts Awards via START, and we are very proud to have been involved with this programme. 

Read more about our partnership in our blog post on the programme.