Arts Award and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Arts Award is an Approved Activity Provider for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award meaning that your young people can link their Arts Award to the DofE and that Arts Award is a recognised activity as part of the skills section of the DofE.


The links don't end there though and can be made across most of the sections of the DofE programme as outlined in the table below. You can link any level of the DofE with any level or Arts Award, it doesn’t have to be Bronze to Bronze for example, you just need to work out the level that’s right for your young people and the programme they are following.


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award section

Links to Arts Award



  • Bronze Part D
  • Unit 2 of Silver and Gold



If the voluntary work relates to the arts, it could become their skill share or their Unit 2 leadership project. For example, running arts workshops in local primary schools or arranging a concert as part of volunteering for a community organisation.


  • Bronze Part A
  • Unit 1 of Silver and Gold


If young people are using dance as their art form they can use their physical section to show skills development in their Arts Award. For example, learning bhangra at a local dance studio or setting themselves the challenge creating a street dance routine to perform at a concert.


  • Bronze Part A
  • Unit 1 of Silver and Gold


For all other art forms other than dance the young person can use their skills section to show skills development in their Arts Award. For example, learning watercolour painting through attending a regular class or developing their skills in singing and performing in a school musical.

Residential (Gold only)

Most sections of Bronze, Silver, Gold depending on what is done on the residential

A residential could form any part of an Arts Award depending on what the content of the residential is, its just that it is done in an intensive time period. For example, taking part in a film skills residential at a film studio or learning to write and produce music and putting on a show for the local community.


We would love to hear from you if you are linking the DofE to Arts Award or would like to discuss how to link the programmes, just contact the Arts Award support team.

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