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Arts Award Discover is an introductory award, certificated by Trinity College London, and is not a regulated qualification. This means that the adviser’s assessment is final and no moderation needs to be booked to validate the adviser’s assessment. Unless an issue is identified with a centre, Trinity does not carry out an additional check of the assessment or young people's work. Find out more about Discover certfication here.
Once you have finished your Discover delivery and assessed the young people’s work against the Arts Award Discover evidence requirements and assessment criteria, you will need to download and submit the ‘Mass Enrolment Spreadsheet Arts Award Discover’ to request the young people’s certificates.
Step One: On the homepage of the centre portal, under the heading ‘Confirm names by spreadsheet’, click ‘Confirm names for Discover certificates’ to download the mass enrolment spreadsheet.
Discover names 1
Step Two: Open the spreadsheet from your downloads and be sure to read through the information at the top of the document as this contains important notes about how to complete and where to send the spreadsheet, as well as certificate and invoice timeframes.
Step Three: Complete all required sections of the spreadsheet for all the young people you have assessed as passing their Arts Award Discover. This includes all the sections with a blue heading, including the three boxes at the top of the spreadsheet asking for your centre name, centre number, and a brief description of your project. Please ensure all spellings are correct as this is how they will appear on the young people’s certificates.
Most parts of the form will have a drop-down list to choose the correct option from. Please use these options and do not copy and paste data into these cells. These options are unique to Trinity Online and incorrectly formatted responses may cause delays to your certificates being processed.
Discover names 2
We understand that, due to security reasons, it may not be possible to provide the dates of birth for some of the young people. If this is the case, please enter the age or age range of the young people in the date of birth column. Where appropriate, gender can also be left blank.
Step Four: When the spreadsheet is complete, save and send in an email to the email address indicated on the spreadsheet. You will receive your invoice (which is also confirmation of your order) within 5 working days.