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Centres and advisers should please take note of the following updated guidance around your delivery of Arts Award:

Arts Award toolkits
Adviser toolkits have been updated with new information. All advisers should use the new toolkits from September 2020 when delivering and assessing Arts Award. The toolkits are now available digitally (hard copy versions are not currently available). There are three separate publications: Discover & Explore, Bronze & Silver and Gold.

Download the toolkits at artsaward.org.uk/toolkit

Best Practice Guidebook
We have created a new Best Practice Guidebook which brings together all the information needed to run your Arts Award centre from day to day. This includes information about:

  • The role of the Arts Award centre and centre representative
  • The role of the Arts Award adviser
  • Entering young people for moderation/certification
  • Organising Arts Award moderations
  • Key Trinity policies and procedures

All centres should ensure they have read and understand the guidance.

Download the Best Practice Guidebook at artsaward.org.uk/BPG

We hope you find the Best Practice Guidebook helpful in answering your everyday questions about running your Arts Award centre. If you have any queries or comments, please contact us.