How do I update my adviser details?

The centre portal enables you to:

  • register a new Arts Award centre, following which you will be sent a centre agreement to sign
  • link yourself to an existing Arts Award centre
  • request a moderation for the young people you are working with
  • enrol young people’s names for an approved moderation date
  • update the details we hold for you and your centre
  • check which advisers are linked to your centre

It is the responsibility of all advisers to ensure personal details are kept up to date as Arts Award uses these to issue important qualification updates and moderation communications. Please Note: Your adviser account is confidential and should not be shared with anyone. If you are leaving an organisation, the new adviser will need to have completed adviser training and have their own adviser account to continue delivering Arts Award for the centre.

Step One: On the homepage of the centre portal, click the ‘My Profile’ link under ‘Quick Links’ to the right of the page.

update your details

On the profile page, you will be able to amend:

Adviser information and contact details - including name, phone number, email. Please Note: If you have an upcoming moderation, please be sure to email your Trinity contact with any updated information as this will not be automatically updated on your moderation booking. 

Address – to change your address, in ‘Address Line 1’ click on the magnifying glass symbol on the right hand side and then click on the + in the box that appears. Fill out the form and if the address will be your primary address, please check the box marked ‘Primary’. To save, click the save button (an arrow pointing down towards a box).

Update details 2

When you are back on the main page of your profile you save save the changes press ‘Ctrl’ & ‘S’ on your keyboard or click the menu icon, which looks like a cog, on the top-right of the page and select ‘Save Record’.

Please Note:You will not be able to amend your User ID or password in the adviser profile. To reset your password, log out of the adviser portal and click the ‘Forget Your Password’ link on the log in page. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to change your user ID, please to ask about this.

You should only have one adviser account, regardless of how many training sessions you have attended, as all the levels of Arts Award you have trained to deliver should be attributed to the same account. If you have multiple adviser accounts, please contact with the usernames of your accounts and they will merge your accounts into one. This ensures that there are no issues when enrolling young people as an adviser.

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