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Gold Arts Award UCAS FAQ

Gold Arts Award is recognised on the UCAS Tariff system. Students applying to University, who are working towards or have achieved a Gold Arts Award will be able to include it as they would do other subjects when completing their UCAS application form.

The UCAS tariff system changed in 2016, resulting in all qualifications having their UCAS points recalculated. The updated UCAS tariff points applies to learners who started university or college from September 2017 onwards. To find out more, visit the UCAS website or to find out what this means for young people completing a Gold Arts Award, visit the UCAS FAQs pages.

Below is some useful information about Arts Award Gold and UCAS points:

Who is the awarding body for Arts Award?

Trinity College London is the only awarding body for Arts Award.  When filling in your UCAS application this will be abbreviated to TCL.

What are the titles of the awards?

When filling in your UCAS application form you must use the official titles of the awards as they appear on the Ofqual website:

  • TCL Entry Level Award in the Arts (Entry 3) (Arts Award Explore)
  • TCL Level 1 Award in the Arts (Bronze Arts Award)
  • TCL Level 2 Award in the Arts (Silver Arts Award)
  • TCL Level 3 Certificate in the Arts (Gold Award)

Where on the UCAS form would I include my Arts Award qualification?

This depends on what other qualifications you have taken at school/college and you should get advice from your teachers or careers advisor. If you are unsure, you can include your Arts Award in the 'other qualifications' section of the form.

How many UCAS tariff points does Gold Arts Award carry?

For higher education courses that started in September 2017 and beyond, the UCAS tariff for Gold Arts Award is 16.

How does 16 Tariff points compare to other qualifications on the Tariff?

Other comparable tariff points are - AS Level qualification B Grade (16 points), Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership (16 points) and Music graded Examinations Grade 7 Distinction (16 points).

What’s the deadline for achieving my Gold Arts Award if I want to use it to support my university application?

If your centre is selected for moderation this needs to have taken place by the second Friday in June, in order to allow time for your results to be sent to UCAS.

Note: All centres should assume moderation is required and plan this into their delivery timeline, giving themselves a minimum of 8 weeks from the point of entering young people onto the centre portal. Requests to waive a moderation request will be refused.

Can I use my Gold Arts Award to support an application through clearing?

Yes you can, provided you have been moderated by the second Friday in June of the respective year, as stated above.

Universities will take into account your actual achievement in whatever qualifications you have put on the application form. Admissions staff take account of actual achievement in terms of grades and content of qualifications so tariff points are not always considered. You should make sure that you refer to the Gold Arts Award in any communications you have with HEIs.

Is Gold Arts Award only for people wanting to go to university?

Gold Arts Award is our highest recognition of your abilities as a creative arts leader. At Gold level, you are working as an arts practitioner while broadening your horizons within the arts world. Working at this level will extend your creativity, communication, planning, teamwork and leadership skills, and will support your progression through any education, training or career pathway.

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