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Supporting young people to ‘get set’ for the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party


The ArtsAward10 Twitter Party on Tuesday 5 July will give young people aged 13-25 the opportunity to get ‘arts-smart’ through four live Q&A sessions with professional artists, entrepreneurs, art industry employers and career advice organisations.

Young people interested in a career in the arts will have the chance to submit questions directly to our Q&A panels before the party and on the day between 2.30-6.30pm.


All young people aged 13-25 are invited. They can RSVP and submit questions easily via the Arts Award Voice website. 

Not only will they get top tips and advice on creative careers, they’ll also be in with the chance of winning prizes via one of our two competitions: Ask a Question for pre-sumitted questions and Tweet a Question for questions asked on the day (terms & conditions apply). 

The deadline for submitting questions before the party is Friday 17 June

A Get set for the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party guide is available for young people, with step-by-step instructions around taking part, including information on how to RSVP online, submit questions, set up a Twitter account and stay safe online.

There is also scope for teachers, advisers or parents to sign-up and ask questions on behalf of young people.

How to take part in the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party

If you are supporting young people to RSVP and submit questions to the party:

1. Encourage young people to RSVP via the online form and submit questions themselves using their own details.

2. If they decide they would like to ask more questions, they’ll need to complete another online RSVP form with the additional questions or submit live questions on the day.

3. If young people are keen to direct their questions to specific artists or creative professionals, encourage them to indicate who their question is for on the second page of the RSVP form. If they do not specify, their question may be answered by any of the Q&A panel members.

4. Remind young people that the deadline for submitting questions is 17 June. If they miss the deadline, they can still submit live questions on the day for chances to win Party Packs full of goodies 

5. Please encourage young people to stay safe online. Resources for teachers and other practitioners working with young people are available at NSPCC and Childnet. You can also direct young people themselves to Childline for information about e-safety.

How to take part on the day of the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party

If you are supporting a group on the day:

  1. Young people need to log into their Twitter account and go to #OurCreativeFuture or #OCF – they need to type the hashtags into the Twitter search bar so that they can see the conversations taking place during the party.


2. Ensure that young people are following the host @ArtsAwardVoice and the panel members, so that they can ask live questions and have chances to win Party Packs

3. Young people need to include #OurCreativeFuture or #OCF with each tweet and also use the ‘handle’ (Twitter name) of any panel members they’d like to direct their question to (or they can direct general questions to the host).

For example:
@lspraggan how did you get your first record deal? #OurCreativeFuture

or @ArtsAwardVoice how do you get a record deal? #OCF

Make sure young people use #OurCreativeFuture or #OCF, otherwise we won’t know they’re at the party and we may miss their questions!

How to engage young people in the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party

Here are some suggestions  on how to engage young people and get the most out of the Arts Award10 Twitter Party:

1. Hold a discussion session using the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party programme so that they can decide which Q&A sessions they would like to attend and come up with questions to ask the panel members.

2. Encourage young people already working towards an Arts Award to research the artists and creative professionals on the Q&A panels – this could count towards their award.

3. Hold a session using the Get set for the ArtsAward10 Twitter Party guide to support the young people to RSVP to the party and submit their questions.

4. Attend the Party yourself or on behalf of your group.  To do this, you could join in using your organisation’s Twitter handle or use an individual Twitter account set up for professional purposes. Childnet provides guidance and resources for teachers and other practitioners working with young people on the safe use of social media.