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  Charles Hazlewood is a British conductor who has worked with many of the world’s great orchestras, from the Gothenburg Symphony to the Philharmonia, and has also made many award-winning films and radio shows for the BBC.

In 2012, Charles launched his own orchestral alternative to Glastonbury, Orchestival, and pioneered The British Paraorchestra, the world's first ever professional orchestra for virtuoso musicians with disability who played at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics. Charles has also been responsible for founding the South African lyric theatre company, ‘Dimpho Di Kopane’.

'I am thrilled to champion Arts Award, because here we have a potent vehicle for expression, collaboration and discovery across a spectrum of disciplines for young people and the potential to develop new audiences. Art is about communication and it can be really exciting when you spark off a dialogue between very different creative forces. Creativity has the power to ignite new friendships and dialogues and memories, it provides a window for expression that is essential for the wellbeing of our collective soul. I enjoy generating the creative impulse, encouraging young people to hone and refine. If finding something doesn’t click first time, exploring different approaches, savouring the compelling transition from thinking, to diving in and going for it!'

Website: www.charleshazlewood.com