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How Arts Award can work for you

Museum collections are inspiring and full of stories waiting to be unlocked.  Any object can be a catalyst for creative work - even if the collection is not arts based.  

Here's a film showing how Peterborough Museum offer Discover in a Day, Lancaster Infantry Museum and the Museum of Lancashire's immersive First World War experience, providing inspiration for Explore, and a young man describing the impact doing Bronze at the National Maritime Museum has had on him - and his opinions about museums.


You can watch a longer film about each project over on Culture Street. While you're there, have a look round to see their other great museum resources, many of which can be used for Arts Award!


Use Arts Award to....

  • strengthen a one-off project  or a holiday project

Young people can focus on any art form represented in your museum, including ‘behind the scenes’ and technical activities like conservation, as long as it has an artistic aspect. Creative documentation can be part of the programme, such as video diaries, video documentaries and audio interviews, allowing them to be create their own portfolio that reflecting of their own artistic approach.

  • kick start a new partnership with a school, youth club, arts organisation - or another museum

Every aspect of the award encourages young people to link with creative professionals, and to take part in or lead activities. It’s a perfect opportunity to partner with others to share delivery of Arts Award, building audiences and offering young people a professional arts stimulus.

  • add value to your regular activity with young people

By running Arts Award you will attract young people to take part in and enjoy your museum. Arts Award's flexible framework fits around existing learning programmes, enabling you to use activities and workshops created for school visits or families, accredit the work of interns or volunteers, or run open access Arts Award workshops.

Arts Award provides a framework for projects and offers young people a qualification, which can attract participants and may draw in additional funding. Applications to organisations like the HLF are be strengthened if young people are gaining a qualification, helping you cover the costs of training and moderation.

Although Arts Award is a qualification, it is not admin heavy, the only paperwork advisers complete is an assessment form for each participant and the process for booking a moderation. Arts Award evidence can be captured within delivery using photos, posters, post-its, recordings and young people can gather feedback via social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. They can then collate this evidence in a portfolio or arts log. This can take any format, from a physical folder to on an online platform, like Artsbox. Artsbox is a digital portfolio space and app where children and young people can record and share their arts experiences, work towards an Arts Award and collect rewards for cultural visits. It’s fun, free, interactive and safe. 

What museums are saying:

Arts Award offers great opportunities to museums, as through
it young people get the chance to explore and enjoy the richness
of museum collections. As museums we are uniquely placed to
use this award to the full.
Melissa Hawker, Learning Officer, Ancient House

`This was the first time the Learning Team at the Discovery Museum had taken young people through an Arts Award and it has built up confidence in doing Arts Award in the future. It demonstrated a way of really bringing the archives and museum collection to life and interpreting them in a contemporary youth led way.' 

Eileen Atkins, Learning Officer, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums


 'Arts Award offers great opportunities to museums, as through it young people get the chance to explore and enjoy the richness of museum collections. As museums we are uniquely placed to use this award to the full.'

 Melissa Hawker, Learning Officer, Ancient House


'I think Arts Award is something that everyone can enjoy where they can learn new skills, find and discover new paths and meet new friends. And the whole Arts Award experience is one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever done.

Laura, Luton Cultural Service Trust


What next?

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