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Nick Hornby is a prominent author who is best known for his book About a Boy, which was later adapted into a film in 2002 starring Hugh Grant. He released his latest novel titled Juliet, Naked in September 2009.


'I can see now that everything I did when I was younger trained me for the professional life  I lead today.  The books and magazines I read, the football, movies and TV I watched, the music I listened to, all went in and came out  as something else, something that I suppose could be called  a voice. It's my voice, even though I  borrowed from a lot  of  other people to  find it, but without art I would never have been given the chance to use it.

'Every single second you spend making your own art or consuming other people's art is valuable - don't let anyone ever tell you you're wasting your time.'

Nick Hornby