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Find a place to do your Arts Award

You can take part in Arts Award across the country so it is worth checking to see if your school, college, local arts project or youth club already run the award.

Simply check the Arts Award centre map to find organisations offering the award near you. 

Some are open centres, which means they welcome new people contacting them, whilst others are closed except to the young people who are already attending.



Why you need a centre

Doing your Arts Award at an Arts Award centre means you’ll have a trained adviser who acts as your mentor throughout the project.  Your adviser will help you ensure you’re enjoying the experience, setting challenging but realistic targets for your work, and developing your skills in line with the Arts Award qualification.

If you've tried to find a centre near you but had difficulty, why not approach someone in your school, college, youth group or arts centre to see if they can get involved with Arts Award.  If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please see our help centre.