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Arts Project Leadership

For Gold Unit 2, arts project leadership, young people take charge of an arts project, build their skills as an effective leader and deliver their project to a public audience.

At Gold level, the young person’s leadership project needs to show how they have taken independent responsibility for every aspect of the arts project, from planning stages to delivery, followed by evaluation.

To complete this unit, young people need to:


Plan all aspects of an arts leadership project including identifying the qualities of a leader and the personal leadership skills they want to develop. They identify the aims and outcomes of the project and organise the people and resources, considering how they will gather feedback on their progress.


Deliver their project, manage its production and share it with the public.  They demonstate how they are working effectively with others and developing their leaderships skills.  They also plan and manage the public sharing of their project and gather feedback. 


Collect feedback from participants, audience, and other stakeholders and evaluate both the project and how well they have developed their leadership skills. They consider their achievements and the things they would improve demonstrating in their project report that they have integrated and considered the views and feedback they have gathered throughout the project.