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Have you wondered the best way to explain the value of Arts Award to colleagues and stakeholders?

Have you wondered about the best way to explain the value of Arts Award to colleagues and stakeholders?

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing Arts Award delivery or starting your journey by training as an adviser, our brand new interactive resource is the place to start. ‘Arts Award For You’ provides the tools and support you need to demonstrate Arts Award’s benefits and ways it can work within your organisation at all levels.

If you work within a school or college, it’s vital to promote Arts Award’s value and position in today’s educational landscape and there’s a section within the resource where you’ll find a presentation for school staff, Ofsted mapping tools and guidance of Teacher’s Standards.


If you’re delivering or looking to deliver Arts Award in an arts and cultural organisation – including libraries and museums – you’ll find a whole host of information and tools in this section of the resource. Library staff can use the Arts Award Advocacy for Senior Library Teams leaflet to help them identify the benefits of Arts Award in a library setting and search the bank of library case studies. There are delivery models available for a variety of Museum and Heritage and Arts and Cultural settings as well as tips and further case studies.

As well as advice for your particular sector, Arts Award For You includes an adaptable presentation which you can use to introduce Arts Award to other staff members. It’s designed to be used in any organisation but provides introductions which are specific to each sector.

We hope you find this resource useful, especially as many organisations are taking on new projects in our birthday year - do keep us up to date on any birthday activity using the hashtag #ArtsAward10 on Facebook or Twitter.