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Find Arts Award Supporter venues near you and collect digital badges! We recently launched two exciting new features on Artsbox – a Supporter database and Artsbox digital badges, which reward young artists for visiting Arts Award Supporter organisations at a public venue. Find out more about the new features below:

Visit a Supporter venue  

If your group (or young person) wants to visit a public Supporter venue, they can now find Supporters using this searchable database on Artsbox. On arrival they can 'check in' and collect a digital badge. When they next log in to Artsbox, the badge will be displayed in their profile area.

Make a Supporter page

Can’t make it to a Supporter venue? Young people can create a Supporter page, and their teacher/Arts Award adviser can reward them with a digital badge. Find out more here.

Download the Artsbox app and get access to digital badges for free on iPhone and iPad here.

We hope this new and easy way to collect evidence will excite your young artists and help aid their creative journey.