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The five levels of Arts Award can be used to demonstrate outcomes, celebrate achievements and provide accreditation across all Music Education Hub Core Roles and for two Extension Roles.


Music Hub Core Roles

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching

Arts Award Discover is used by Music Hubs to support teachers and by music leaders to frame and support WCET and First Access programmes. Discover is suitable for large groups and can easily be achieved in a day or through a series of planned sessions. 

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Playing and performing in ensembles

All levels of Arts Award include elements that support live performance. Arts Award helps to document children and young people’s journey to performance, while encouraging critique of others. The higher levels of Arts Award provide opportunities for young people to manage and promote their own performance events, or create their own music groups and ensembles.

Progression routes 

Arts Award provides an accessible and challenging progression framework across all genres and styles of music. It pushes young people to find out about education, training and careers; opens career pathways they may not have considered; and develops leadership and research skills that compliment graded and other exams, including GCSE music.

Singing, choirs and vocal ensembles

Arts Award can encourage young people to capture and record their singing journeys and achievements, including for vocal and singing genres where there may be no other accreditation routes available. Arts Award also recognises participation in singing groups and choirs outside of school.


Music Hub Extension Roles 

Continuing professional development: Arts Award training provides CPD opportunities for both emerging and established music leaders who can train to run Arts Award as advisers. This will enable them to deliver Arts Award in a wide range of Music settings, from one-to-one private tuition to project based or large-scale group work in both school and non-school settings.

Professional musicians, music venues, and experiences: All levels of Arts Award recognises experiences and reflections on live, high quality arts provision, which can include concerts, recitals, musicals and gigs. Arts Award encourages young people to meet professional musicians and ensembles, take backstage tours, or attend after-show talks, etc. The higher levels of Arts Award require young people to research and work alongside specific artists and practitioners. 

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