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Standard (face-to-face) and postal moderations up to Easter 2021

Trinity has made the safety of all our people the number one priority during the pandemic. This includes our staff, as well as those who would normally be interacting with customers, most notably our examiners and those in exam centres; as a result, we took the decision not to offer face-to-face exams worldwide since the first lockdowns happened in the first quarter of 2020. That position has been extended to the end of 2020 as you will all know.

We continually monitor and reassess the situation and, in consultation with the senior management group and key stakeholders, we have concluded that the environment will not improve sufficiently between now and Easter for us to plan for a resumption of face-to-face examining in the UK and Ireland. As a result, we decided that the current position will be extended until at least Easter weekend 2021 and no face-to-face examining will be planned until then. We are taking this step now to provide clarity for the immediate months ahead.

This decision will cover all standard (face-to-face) and postal moderations. We will contact all centres with existing provisional bookings between 1 January - 5 April that are impacted by this decision and offer alternative options, including online moderation.


Current online moderation options

The option for all centres to moderate online will be available throughout this time and will remain unaffected by any COVID restrictions. We strongly recommend to all our centres to develop and record their work in digital format and opt for online moderation.

You can book moderation to submit your work digitally via online link through the following options:

Moderation and sample confirmation dates are advertised on a rolling basis and close as they reach capacity. For detailed information on each moderation option and to find out which one is right for you, visit artsaward.org.uk/moderation.


Standard (face-to-face) and postal moderations after Easter 2021 

We will continue to take provisional bookings for face-to-face standard moderations dates from 6 April 2021 onwards, however please note that any face-to-face moderations will be subject to local, regional and/or national restrictions that will be in effect at the time. If these affect your booking, we will contact you nearer the time with further updates and alternative moderation options.

We strongly recommend to all our centres to develop and record their work in digital format and opt for one of our online moderation options as these will remain unaffected by any COVID restrictions.

New bookings for face-to-face standard moderations can be made in the usual way via the Arts Award centre portal.

New postal moderation dates will be advertised on our website as soon as the normal process of submitting work by post becomes available again. The dates currently advertised on our website are for moderation via online submission only.

We will continue to assess the situation and announce our plans for the summer period in due course and continue to communicate with you on a regular basis.


Additional COVID considerations for face-to-face standard moderations

All centres booking standard moderations after Easter 2021 should fully comply with all prevailing government guidance in the context of COVID-19.

Trinity also has other considerations you must account for when conducting face-to-face standard moderations and will carry out a level of monitoring of these practices.

Your Trinity contact will be in touch to offer full information on these additional considerations and monitoring requirements following your standard moderation booking. Please ensure that you have read and understood these considerations prior to your moderation. It is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that these considerations and any other legal obligations to operating at this time are followed.

In order to effectively monitor these practices, we will be asking centres booking a standard moderation to sign and return a ‘Declaration of Compliance’ confirming adherence with government guidelines. Signed forms must be returned no later than 3 weeks before the booked moderation date. Please note that if we do not receive a signed declaration of compliance within this deadline, the moderation will not go ahead as planned and will be subject to cancellation.

Additionally, we may also ask for further information to confirm your plans, such as photographs of your moderation room set-up and computer stations (where applicable) prior to the commencement of your moderation.

If your centre is unable to comply to current CoViD government guidance that is in effect at the time of your booking and/or Trinity’s additional considerations, you must select an alternative moderation option.

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