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Last update: 20 April 2021

We are delighted to announce the recommencement of our standard (face-to-face) and postal moderations this summer. 

Trinity College London has taken a cautious approach to restarting face-to-face exams, including Arts Award moderations – the risks have been consistently high with the future uncertain and ever-changing. However, we do now have the roadmap published by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the parallel announcements from the governments of the devolved nations, which give confidence allows us to think more positively about in restarting face-to-face assessments.

As a result, we are now planning to restart standard and postal moderations from 17 May 2021. Our plans are based on the successful rollout of the Government’s lockdown-easing plans. We will also continue to monitor Covid-19 case rates, as well as considering all other relevant factors for a successful and safe restart.  

Your moderation booking will be subject to local, regional and/or national restrictions that will be in effect at the time. If these affect your booking, we will contact you nearer the time to offer you alternative options for your moderation.

For full information on all the available moderation options visit artsaward.org.uk/moderationoptions.


Standard (face-to-face) moderation

Standard (face-to-face) moderation can now be requested as normal via the centre portal at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed moderation date.

All centres booking standard moderation should fully comply with all prevailing government guidance in the context of COVID-19. At this time, please do not arrange for any young people to meet the moderator under any circumstances.

Trinity also has other considerations you must account for when conducting face-to-face standard moderations and will carry out a level of monitoring of these practices. This will involve some video/photo evidencing of moderation room set-up and computer stations (where applicable) prior to the commencement of your moderation.

Your Trinity contact will be in touch to offer full information on these additional considerations and monitoring requirements following your standard moderation booking. Please ensure that you have read and understood these considerations prior to your moderation.

If your centre is unable to comply with COVID government guidance that is in effect at the time of your booking and/or Trinity’s additional considerations, you must select an alternative moderation option.


Online moderation

We continue to recommend digital evidencing and moderation wherever possible. Online moderation has now been consolidated into a single option, which is available for any group size or combination of levels.

Go to Online Moderation to find out more about this moderation option, how to make a booking, and view our currently advertised dates.


Postal moderation

Postal moderation has been consolidated into a single option for all groups that are unable to meet the minimum fee for standard moderation or moderate online, and is now available to book across any combination of levels.

Go to Postal Moderation to find out more about this moderation option, how to make a booking, and view our currently advertised dates.

At this time, we strongly recommend that you post your work via registered or tracked mail, so it can be safely returned to you in the event your parcel cannot be delivered to the venue due to any COVID restrictions coming into effect near the time of your moderation.


Joint moderation

Joint moderation will not recommence at the present time. Go to Moderation Options to view the currently available options and select the right one for you.


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