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Moderation is the process of validating the adviser’s assessment of the young people’s work. At moderation, a trained Arts Award moderator will look in detail at a sample of the young people’s portfolios or arts logs to ensure the adviser assessment is accurate and in line with Arts Award evidence requirements and assessment criteria, and that evidence has been correctly signposted.

For some moderation types, Trinity will select this sample ahead of the moderation date, so that centres do not have to post or digitise the work for all of the young people who are being moderated.

Therefore, for these moderation types, the date you book onto is not the moderation date, but the Sample Confirmation Date (SCD).


The sample confirmation date is the date that your Trinity contact will email you with the list of young people whose portfolios/arts logs will be sampled at the moderation. You will then have a set deadline by which you must send us the requested work.

The moderation itself will take place shortly after the deadline to send the work, and results will be issued within 3 weeks of your sample confirmation date.


How many names will be in the sample?

This will depend on the number of advisers assessing the work, and how many young people across each level of Arts Award they are assessing. If you wish to know your expected sample size, please email your Trinity contact after enrolling the young people's names and they will advise.


What is the deadline to send the work to you?

Please see either your booking confirmation email or your sample confirmation email for the exact date that we must receive the work by as this varies between moderation types.


What work do I need to send and how do I send it to you?

In your sample confirmation email, we will ask you to send the following:

  • A portfolio/arts log for each of the young people named in the sample
  • Completed adviser assessment report forms for all of the young people enrolled on the moderation, regardless of whether they have been chosen in the sample or not

Please see your sample confirmation email for instructions on how to send us the requested work. Guidance and tips can also be found in your booking confirmation email (next to the deadline to send the work and also under ‘Additional Support & Resources’).