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The deadline for submitting a request for adapted assessment has now passed. We are no longer accepting requests.  If you have any queries, please contact us on artsawardenquiries@trinitycollege.co.uk 

Planning your delivery for 2020/21
As the new terms starts we are considering how we can best support Arts Award centres with their delivery within the national guidelines. At the current time, our regulators are consulting on the Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (EERF) for qualification assessment through to summer 2021. We will provide details of specific support for centres in due course, however we encourage all centres to plan for how they will continue to help young people complete Arts Award in the event of further local or national restrictions.

Adapted assessment arrangement 2019/20
We have adapted the assessment of Arts Award in response to the Coronavirus outbreak so as not to disadvantage young people who were part way through their qualification and are unable to complete the work due to government restrictions.

If your centre is not able to continue to work with young people remotely or defer delivery to later in the year, but the young people have already completed at least 50% of the requirements of the Arts Award qualification they were working towards, you will be able to apply to use an adapted assessment process until 31 July in order to calculate young people’s results. For Arts Award the arrangement falls under Ofqual’s extraordinary regulatory framework for vocational and technical qualifications. 

The adapted assessment process enables advisers to calculate young people’s projected result. Advisers will be guided to make an assessment based on young people’s progress so far and whether their trajectories would have led to satisfactory achievement of the activities. Under these arrangements, Trinity will continue to moderate a sample of the adviser assessments.   

For information on the requirements that centres will need to meet and details on how to request assessment under this framework, please see our centre request guidance

Once you are approved for adapted assessment you should book your moderation and conduct your assessment using the adapted assessment report forms that are sent to you.  We have provided adviser guidance on how to complete your assessments and prompt questions to help gather reflections for young people you are submitting for the Silver and Gold levels. 

If you need further advice after reading the guidance, please contact the Arts Award support team.  

Arts Award’s Noval Coronavirus FAQ’s also provide further information about how we are delivering moderation during the current period. 

This special arrangement is not applicable to Arts Award Discover, where moderation is not required, and submissions are continuing as normal at the present time.