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Arts Award adapted assessment   

We recognise the ongoing impact of Coronavirus on your delivery of Arts Award and are sharing details of the adapted assessment arrangements under the Vocational Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF) for those centres that have been severely affected by recent school and organisational closures. 

In order to ensure the greatest flexibility over the coming months, centres are encouraged to develop portfolios in digital format wherever possible, and to make contingency plans to enable work to be assessed and moderated digitally in the event of further school and organisational closures, or limitations to travel. Trinity continues to monitor the situation related to Covid-19 and may need to withdraw some moderation options at short notice, in response to government guidance.  Please check the website for details of current moderation options available.


In most cases we expect that centres will be able to work with young people to complete their qualification in full. In this instance centres should do the following to assess work and request moderation using the usual processes: 

  • You should access the Discover, Explore & Bronze, Silver or Gold delivery and evidence guidance for the level you are delivering which provides a range of acceptable approaches. Arts Award can be delivered remotely and digitally to address challenges related to accessing artists, training/work experience and the delivery of leadership projects
  • Assessment of portfolios should be conducted using the assessment report forms found in the Adviser Toolkit, or downloadable from the adviser hub
  • Request your moderation via the centre portal using our usual processes. If you are delivering Gold Arts Award and young people require UCAS points for entry to higher education, please ensure your moderation takes place by 18 June 2021 (see Gold Arts Award UCAS FAQ). 



Centres whose circumstances mean Arts Award qualifications cannot be completed in full should follow the adapted assessment guidance.  Please read the instructions below and download all related guidance and forms from the right-hand panel of this page. The eligability requirements for adapted assessment are:

  • Education settings where young people are progressing to a new setting or cannot continue delivery into the next academic year
  • Young people with SEND who have been unable to continue to work towards their qualification remotely during recent school and organisational closures and do not have sufficient time to complete the work before the end of the academic year
  • Arts and cultural/youth and community organisations who have been unable to continue delivery during the most recent organisational closures and are using Arts Award as part of publicly funded outcomes and/or are required to meet a prescribed funding deadline that cannot be extended

Referring to the centre guidance VCRF, check that you are eligible for adapted assessment and understand and can commit to:

Download and read the adviser guidance and ensure that you can meet all the assessment requirements including:
  • The portfolios you wish to submit for adapted assessment are a minimum of 50% complete
  • You are able to complete the adviser reflections for any missing or incomplete work
  • You are able to provide reflections from young people where they are undertaking the Silver or Gold levels. 

Make your booking for moderation via the centre portal. For information about moderation options, visit artsaward.org.uk/moderation

State at the top of the ‘contextual information box’ of your booking that you require VCRF adapted assessment.  It will say ‘Please tell us a little about your centre…’.

Submit a completed VCRF declaration statement of eligibility for VCRF, no later than 3 weeks before your booked date to confirm you are eligible for adapted assessment.

Prepare for moderation: 

  • Gather reflective statements from young people (only required at Silver and Gold with prompt questions available to download)
  • Complete the adapted assessment report form, including the adviser reflective statements, for all young people assessed under the VCRF arrangements (see the right hand panel of this page for all forms) 

Enrol young people’s names no later than 3 weeks before your booked date. You must select the ‘Alternative Assessment’ option for each young person entered with adapted assessment.

Trinity will moderate the portfolios and assessment report forms. The purpose of the moderation will be to ensure the consistency of adviser assessments across the portfolios submitted. 

Trinity will confirm results and certificates will be sent for those young people awarded a pass. 

We request that all centres who are moderated using adapted assessment, keep a copy of their adapted assessment report forms and the portfolios that have been sampled at moderation for 3 years for audit purposes. Trinity may also audit or monitor any centre who has used adapated assessment across 2020 and 2021.

For further advice, please contact the team on artsawardenquiries@trinitycollege.co.uk