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For centres undertaking either standard or joint moderatipn, we encourage you to support the opportunity for a group of your young people to meet the moderator.
The meeting with young people is to validate their involvement in the award and provide context to the moderator about their engagement. The young people are not being tested or marked and we like them to share their experiences openly and honestly. This is also an opportunity for young people to ask questions and find out more about the awards. Moderation contacts/advisers may want to ensure the young people selected understand the purpose of meeting the moderator.
It is up to the centre to choose which young people will attend the moderation. Where possible, the moderator will meet young people across a mix of levels and projects and representing the full ability range. However, this is at the centre’s discretion and not compulsory. 
The moderator will lead a discussion with the group or with individuals and we ask that the moderation contact/adviser(s) (or another suitable adult where these are not available) is present to help facilitate. The moderator will welcome any advice on how best to make the discussion as productive as possible for both the young people and the moderator.
Examples of topics discussed include:
  • what the young people have been doing for each part
  • what they have learnt from their participation
  • what arts and/or leadership skills they have developed
  • what they enjoyed or found challenging throughout the whole process

The moderation contact/adviser(s) may share this information with the young people in advance, but the meeting will take the format of an informal discussion, guided by the moderator, and the young people are not required to develop a presentation or script their response.

The moderation contact/adviser(s) are welcome to contribute to the discussion and, where young people have additional needs or communication difficulties, can support the moderator by translating the young people’s ideas, thoughts and feelings. However, they are reminded that this is an opportunity for the young people to share their thoughts and views about the activities and learning they have undertaken for their award. Advisers will have an opportunity at the end of the moderation to discuss their overall feedback on delivering the award.
It is essential that the portfolios stand alone and evidence all the requirements as laid out in the adviser toolkit. Young people cannot use the discussion to inform the moderator of additional evidence.
For guidance on meeting the young people at moderation please see the Best Practice Guidebook.
In some instances, you may need to apply for special dispensation or for an adjustment to bemade to the moderation in relation to the moderator meeting the young people. Please see our website for information about special dispensation options for moderation. This should be made prior to the moderation.