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If you are having a face to face moderation (either standard or joint) we encourage you to support the opportunity for a group of your young people to meet the moderator.
The meeting is to validate young people’s involvement in the award and provide context to the moderator on young people’s engagement. The young people are not being tested or marked and we would like them to share their experiences openly and honestly. This is also an opportunity for young people to ask questions and find out more about the awards.
Meeting the moderator should be a positive experience for young people. It is an opportunity to discuss what they enjoyed and learnt as well as anything they might do differently if they were to participate in an Arts Award in the future. There is an expectation that all advisers provide an opportunity for young people to meet the moderator.
For guidance on meeting the young people at moderation please see our resource.
There may be a valid reason why young people are unable (or it would be inappropriate for them) to meet the moderator at a face-to-face moderation. For example: 
  • the cohort may have moved on/away from a specific project
  • If the moderation is taking place outside of the school day or term time
  • there may be mental health, communication or behavioural issues which would cause undue stress for the young people
  • young people may be in a secure environment where practical arrangements to meet with a moderator are disproportionately challenging to arrange in order to coincide with moderation time available.
In these case you can request dispensation for the moderator not to meet young people. As long as a valid reason is presented and the Arts Award team is notified before the moderation takes place, then special dispensation will automatically be granted.
Applications for special dispensation not to meet the young people can also be requested over the phone by calling 0207 820 6178 or by responding the email sent to you by the moderation team confirming your moderation booking.