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*Coronavirus update*

*We are currently conducting moderations remotely via digital online submission. Remote online moderation will be the only moderation option available to our centres until we are able to return to our normal postal moderation processes.

If you are planning on placing a new booking, you will need to prepare your work in a digital format to be ready for moderation. Portfolios that have been created in hard copy will need to be converted into digital format. If arts logs are already online, you will need to share with us the links.

For ideas and recommendations about delivering and developing work digitally, please read our blog.

The remote online moderation option that replaces Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderation involves submitting your portfolios and adviser assessment report forms digitally online. Please read the ‘BSG online moderation - Centre guidance’ for detailed information about this option.

Please note that for Trinity to facilitate this moderation option, centres must consent to their digital work being accessed by an Arts Award moderator through their personal computer. Moderators will only have access to the work for the period of the moderation.

View our currently advertised Bronze/Silver/Gold online moderation dates and book via the adviser portal

Below you will find details on the normal Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderation process. The same rules, terms and conditions and timeframes apply to the online option with the exception that work must be submitted remotely via digital online submission and there will be no additional postal fee.*


Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderations are aimed at centres that are delivering to small groups, resubmitting a few portfolios, running pilot projects, based in rural areas, and for centres where face-to-face moderation is not possible.

For this reason, a maximum of 5 portfolios per centre, per date can be submitted. Centres may book a maximum of 3 dates per calendar year and it not possible to book onto consecutive dates.

What if I have more than 5 young people?

Consider hosting or joining a joint moderation as a guest centre. Joint moderations are where two or more centres join together to meet the minimum moderation fee.

Alternatively, you may book onto two non-consecutive postal moderation dates. Please note however that centres may only book onto 3 Bronze/Silver/Gold postal dates per calendar year, so consider the end date of any other Arts Award delivery your centre is undertaking, as we will not be able to raise this limit.


How much does it cost?

Postal moderations are charged on a per-head basis, based on the number of young people enrolled onto the moderation. Additionally, a postal fee will be added to your invoice to cover the cost of returning the portfolios following the moderation. 

Find out more about moderation costs

How do I book?

*View our currently advertised postal dates and book*

Places on postal moderations are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You can request a place on an advertised postal date by placing a booking through the adviser portal.

Before booking a moderation you should ensure all advisers entering young people are linked to the centre. Find out more about registering or linking to an Arts Award centre.

Book now

Portfolios and fully completed adviser assessment report forms must arrive at the moderation venue by no later than one week prior to the moderation date

We cannot guarantee portfolios that arrive late will be moderated. If portfolios arrive on the day of the moderation they will not be moderated, but you will still be charged in full and required to book another moderation date.

If you have digital portfolios that are available online, pelase inform us in the ‘booking notes’ section of your booking and we will waive the postal return fee. Further instructions about how to submit online work will be issued within your name confirmation email.


What happens next?

Once you have made your request through the adviser portal, Arts Award will send you a booking confirmation email within 3 working days of having received your request. This email will be sent to the person selected as the booking contact. If you have not received your confirmation booking email within 3 working days, please contact PostalModeration@trinitycollege.co.uk 

Please ensure you read the booking confirmation e-mail for further information and instructions about how to confirm names for moderation. Details on where/how to send portfolios will be issued upon successful name enrolment.


What happens on the day of the moderation?

Provided the portfolios arrive in time (no later than one week prior to the moderation date), you will receive confirmation from the moderation venue of their safe arrival the weekend before the moderation. Please note that we are unable to take responsibility for portfolios in transit therefore we recommend that you use a registered mail service when posting portfolios to the moderation venue.

The moderator will not contact the adviser on the day of the moderation. Results will be emailed to the adviser within three working days of the moderation having taken place.

The young people’s portfolios, along with written feedback your moderator, will be returned the week following the moderation date to the postal address given on the booking request.

Certificates will be sent within 4 weeks from your moderation date.

View our Terms and conditions of booking


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