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Benefits to organisations:
  • assists with resettlement — Arts Award can strengthen relationships with the community and resettlement services, and help reduce reoffending rates through providing a positive, creative outlet
  • a tool to meet targets — a Level 1, 2 or 3 qualification helps demonstrate ETE outcomes, and can be presented to Ofsted as a quality indicator for education provision
  • provides a solution — Arts Award can be used as a package for those on Intensive Supervision and Surveillance programmes needing to fill a certain number of hours of contact a week
  • provides structure — Arts Award develops self-discipline and purpose. It can be delivered over a short or longer period of time, in a group or on a one-to-one basis
  • professional development — training staff as Arts Award advisers offers new ideas and motivation

Benefits to young people:

  • a record of achievement — young people can evidence their work in many ways, including writing, drawing, blogging, video and audio
  • helps prevent reoffending behaviour — young people develop a range of skills, motivating them to improve their life chances
  • engagement to employment — Arts Award maintains engagement through providing enjoyable activities, equipping young people with skills to go into education or employment
  • promotes social inclusion — Arts Award develops self-esteem, and enables young people to contribute positively to their community
  • alternative means of expression — through arts activities they find a positive voice with which to communicate and engage with life, enabling them to break negative cycles of behaviour

Make Arts Award work for you

  • It’s not admin-heavy: only one short assessment form per young person is required
  • You don’t have to be an arts specialist to get started
  • You can embed it into your existing in-house offer, or work in partnership with an external organisation
  • There are no big costs — only a one-off cost for staff to train as advisers and a moderation fee

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