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If you are unable to pay the minimum fee for a standard moderation and you exceed the maximum number of young people that can be entered for a postal moderation, a joint moderation may be an ideal option for your centre.
Please note that joint moderations are only available to Bronze, Silver and Gold level. Explore groups that do not meet the minimum fee can be booked onto an Explore postal moderation.
A joint moderation is when two or more centres are moderated at the same venue on the same day. Each centre's moderation costs are added together in order to meet or exceed the minimum moderation fee. As with standard moderations, you can request a joint moderation at any time of year but must allow at least 8 weeks' notice to establish a new date.
How do centres share the cost?

Each individual centre booked on to a joint moderation will be liable to pay a minimum centre fee of £150. The combined moderation fees of all centres booked onto the moderation must also meet the minimum moderation fee of £490.

Should the combined fees not meet the minimum moderation fee, the difference will be split equally between all centres and you will receive an additional invoice for your share. Please note that top-up invoices will not be issued until the deadline to add/substitute names has passed, as this avoids the need to issue multiple invoices/corrections.

Find out more about meeting minimum fees and per-head costs by level.

How do I arrange a Joint moderation?
There are three Bronze/Silver/Gold joint moderation options available for you to choose from.  Select the link below to find out more:
Joint Shared – I know the other centre(s) I would like to moderate with and together we have decided on a moderation date and venue.
Joint Host – I would like to advertise my moderation date publicly for other centres to share the moderation with my centre and be moderated at my venue. 
Joint Guest – I would like to book onto an publicly advertised moderation date as I am unable to host my own moderation.
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