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What is postal moderation

Postal moderation is available to book across any combination of levels of Arts Award.

For postal moderation we request a sample of portfolios to be submitted for moderation, and not the work of all the young people enrolled.

The date advertised for booking is the sample confirmation date (SCD) when we will confirm with you the young people’s names whose portfolios/arts logs have been selected to be sampled. How do SCDs work?

Centres book onto one of our publicly advertised sample confirmation dates and send sample portfolios/arts logs by post to one of our moderation venues.



We are only able to provide a limited number of postal moderations and therefore reserve them for centres that are unable to moderate via our other moderation options. For this reason, postal moderation is only available to centres that are delivering to smaller groups and are not able to meet the minimum fee for standard moderation (£500), or moderate online.

Postal moderations are available to centres submitting portfolios in hardcopy format, or a combination of hardcopy and digital work. Work in digital format (incl. online links) must be saved in a data storage device (CD/DVD/USB) and posted alongside the hardcopy work.

In addition, centres may book a maximum of three dates per calendar year and it is not possible to book onto consecutive dates.

If you are not able to meet the above requirements, you must select an alternative moderation option.


Fee info

Postal moderations are subject to our per-person moderation fees and there is an additional admin fee of £20 per booking for the safe handling, processing and return of the portfolios/arts logs back to centres via tracked delivery.

The maximum fee for postal moderation is £499: the total invoiced fee (the per-person fee plus £20 admin fee) must be below the minimum fee for standard moderation (£500).

Go to Moderation and Certification fees to find out more.


Book moderation

Before booking moderation, ensure your organisation is registered as an Arts Award centre, and that you and all advisers assessing the young people’s work are linked to your centre

To book on a sample confirmation date, log into the centre portal and follow the 'Request a Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation' link to begin the booking process. 

The currently available sample confirmation dates can be found below.

Sample confirmation dates for postal moderation

Places on each date are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and dates close 3 weeks prior to the advertised date or as soon as they reach capacity. Dates are available year-round and released on a rolling basis, meaning that as one closes, another will open. 

For bookings received close to the enrolment deadline, an extension of 3 working days will be offered from the point we confirm your booking.


How do SCDs work?


Book & enrol names by

Post sample portfolios by


*closed - fully booked*




Centres must be available up to 2 weeks after 22/07 to resolve any portfolio issues.

Centres must be available to sign for the delivery of returned work up to 4 weeks from 22/07.

Certificates will be posted within 6 weeks from 22/07.




Centres must be available up to 2 weeks after 19/08 to resolve any portfolio issues.

Centres must be available to sign for the delivery of returned work up to 4 weeks from 19/08.

Certificates will be posted within 6 weeks from 19/08.

29/07/2022 23/08/2022


Log in to the centre portal to request a postal moderation

Prepare for moderation - key deadlines

We will confirm your booking by email within 3 working days of receiving your request.

Please read the booking confirmation email carefully as it will contain full information and instructions on how to prepare for the sample confirmation day. For any queries about your moderation, reply directly to your assigned Trinity contact, who sent you the booking confirmation email.
If you have not received your confirmation booking email within 3 working days, please contact Moderation.Team@trinitycollege.co.uk.

Please note the following key deadlines. For full details, read the Best Practice Guidebook and our Terms and Conditions of booking (last updated in April 2021).




Not possible - you need to cancel your existing booking and book on a new date (cancellation fees apply- see below)


To cancel, email your Trinity contact

Requests received up to 21 days prior your booked date – No Fee

Requests received 7 to 20 days prior to your booked date - £50 (or equal to invoiced fee, if less)

Requests received less than 7 days prior to your booked date - £100 (or equal to invoiced fee, if less)


Enrolment must be completed via the centre portal by 21 days before the booked date

Additions/substitutions will be accepted up to 7 days before the booked date (at Trinity’s discretion and provided they do not impact any finalised moderation timings)

Requests to remove names will not be accepted (unless as part of a substitution)

Prepare for moderation

By the booked date:

All portfolios/arts logs must be assessed, and an adviser assessment report form must be completed for each by the adviser(s) indicated at enrolment


On the booked date

On your booked date, we will email you the names of the young people selected in the sample and instructions on how and where to send your work. The sample size is determined by the number of advisers assessing the work (as indicated at the point of enrolment), and the levels of Arts Award they are assessing.

We will ask you to post the following within 2 working days:

  • the portfolios/arts logs of the young people selected in the sample
  • the adviser assessment report forms for all young people entered for moderation

Note: Your work must be posted within the specified timeframe, otherwise we may not be able to include your portfolios/arts logs for moderation and you may still be charged.

The moderator will not contact the adviser on the day of the moderation.


Results and certificates

The moderation will take place a few weeks after the sample confirmation date. 

We will confirm your young people’s provisional results via email within 3 weeks of the booked date. Results are officially confirmed by Trinity College London at the point of certificate issue.

Certificates will be dispatched within 6 weeks of your sample confirmation date.


Useful links

Adviser assessment report forms

Moderation fees

Centre Portal Guidance