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Explore postal moderation

Explore postal moderation is available to centres that are not able to meet the minimum moderation fee with their Explore group. Centres that meet and exceed the minimum fee must book a standard moderation.

With Explore postal moderation, the date advertised for booking is the sample confirmation date. On this date, we will email you with the names of the young people whose work has chosen to be sampled, and instructions on where to send the work to. The moderation will take place a few weeks after this. Explore postal moderation is the only moderation type where the sample is pre-selected. For all other moderations, the date you book is the moderation date, and all portfolios must be present on the day, from which the moderator will select a sample.


Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderation

Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderations are aimed at centres that are delivering to small groups, resubmitting a few portfolios, running pilot projects, based in rural areas, and for centres where face-to-face moderation is not possible.

For this reason, a maximum of 5 portfolios per centre, per date can be submitted. Centres may book a maximum of 3 dates per calendar year and it is not possible to book onto consecutive dates.


Useful resources

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