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*Coronavirus update*

We are currently conducting moderations remotely via digital online submissionRemote online moderation replaces postal moderation and will be the only moderation option available to our centres until we are able to return to our normal processes.

Please see below the upcoming sample confirmation dates for Explore online moderation and moderation dates for Bronze/Silver/Gold online moderation.

To book a date, you must log in to the Arts Award centre portal, click on ‘Request a Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation’ and, when prompted, select moderation type ‘Postal’. You will then be able to select one of the Explore or Bronze/Silver/Gold dates that are currently being carried out online.

For remote online moderation, you must be able to upload the requested work to an online file-hosting site, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and share this via a link to view the work.

Please note that for Trinity to facilitate this moderation option, centres must consent to their digital work being accessed by an Arts Award moderator through their personal computer. Moderators will only have access to the work for the period of the moderation.


Explore online moderation

The upcoming sample confirmation dates for Explore online moderation are:

• 14 September 2020 - date now closed

(Book & enrol names by 24 August 2020 / send sample arts logs by 21 September 2020)

• 19 October 2020

(Book & enrol names by 28 September 2020 / send sample arts logs by 26 October 2020)

• 23 November 2020

(Book & enrol names by 2 November 2020 / send sample arts logs by 30 November 2020)

On the sample confirmation date, we will email you the names of the young people selected in the random sample. For detailed info, visit Explore online moderation


Bronze/Silver/Gold online moderation

The upcoming moderation dates for Bronze/Silver/Gold online moderation are:

• 25 September 2020 - date now closed

(Book & enrol names by 4 September 2020 / portfolios to be received by 18 September 2020)

• 23 October 2020

(Book & enrol names by 2 October 2020 / portfolios to be received by 16 October 2020)

• 27 November 2020

(Book & enrol names by 6 November 2020 / portfolios to be received by 20 November 2020)

Places on Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For detailed info, visit Bronze/Silver/Gold online moderation



Request a sample confirmation or online moderation date by logging into the centre portal



*Your booking confirmation email will provide full instructions about the next steps*