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Changes to Terms and Conditions for booking moderations


We have recently updated our Terms and Conditions of Booking. These changes will affect all centres who are booked in for moderation from the 1st May onwards.

Here is a quick summary of the main changes:

Arts Award Bronze/Silver/Gold moderations

-      If you do not receive e-mail confirmation within 5 working days of placing your booking you should contact the Arts Award moderation team at artsawardenquiries@trinitycollege.co.uk to check that we have received your booking. 

-      By booking a joint moderation, you have shared responsibility with other participating centres for meeting the overall minimum booking fee and there is a minimum fee to be met per centre.


Arts Award Explore moderation

 Booking Conditions:

-      You may not substitute or add candidates to an existing moderation booking after you confirmed names via the enrolment spreadsheet. You should instead cancel your order and place a new order to include any additions and changes (details of the key changes in our cancellation policy are listed below).

-      Following confirmation of the moderation sample, you may only request that we amend candidates’ personal details or remove candidates who are not in the sample from the order. It is only possible to make the above mentioned changes to the group of candidates being moderated once, as such changes may cause the sampling process to be invalid. 

-      Once the samples have been generated there will be a £25 charge for carrying out any change which invalidates an adviser’s sample, and a new sample from this adviser’s cohort will be generated altogether.

-      If changes are requested more than once we reserve the right to cancel the moderation, in which case our cancellation policy applies.

-      Unfortunately it is not possible to make any amendments after the work has been sent for moderation. You acknowledge and agree that you should cancel your request and issue a new moderation request.

-      If you have not sent all the required information for moderation, as requested, we reserve the right to cancel the moderation, in which case our cancellation policy applies. 


Cancellation policy:

-       Before you receive e-mail confirmation of you moderation sample, you may cancel your moderation request at no additional cost.

-       If you cancel your moderation within 2 working days of the date of your sample e-mail being sent, you will be charged a cancellation fee of £25. After this time, the following cancellation fees will be payable.


0-10 candidates = £30

11-20 candidates = £35

21-40 candidates = £40

41-100 candidates = £50

100+ candidates = £60


Arts Award Discover certificates

Cancellation policy:

-      There will be no cost to cancelling your order prior to receiving an invoice.

However, if you wish to make a change to the spelling of your candidates’ names or remove them from your existing Arts Award Discover certificate order changes will be charged at £25 per set.

-      No order cancellations or amendments are possible once we have processed your order and sent you an invoice.   


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