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‘I am thrilled to be involved as one of the champions of Arts Award and applaud it’s incredible achievements with young people. Arts Award is definitely giving young people a terrific start.

It is a wonderful idea to celebrate young people's achievements through Arts Award. There is something very special about creative people. That is because when you release the creative energy in anyone, young or old and put their creativity to maximum effect, the person, their family and society benefit in everyway. We are all blessed with different gifts, whether we are rich or poor, academically brilliant or not. That is the magic of the creative arts it unifies, builds confidence and makes one feel alive and appreciated.'

Patti is a singer, actor, painter, choreographer, producer, wife and a proud mother of two children. While holidaying in Britain during her teens she was launched into show business by a strange twist of fate. Patti saw this as providence and set about learning all she could about every aspect of the entertainment industry. Patti is unique in her study of local customs, so that she can best understand the people she entertains, even going as far as learning their national anthems and popular local music. Her tours have included Japan, Far Eastern countries, USA, Africa, and Europe.

'When I was growing up in Africa, the art was not something you were encouraged to consider as a career. However, during my first visit to Britain, a very lucky accident of mistaken identity landed me in a major West End musical. Since then it's been a journey of learning.

My advice is, work hard, use every opportunity you get, be on time, as much as you can be nice to those you meet on your way up (you will be meeting them on your way down), don't shy away from promoting yourself, keep aiming for the sky, never be afraid of failing (it's often the best way to learn), have fun and count your blessings, keep smiling especially when you are low and never give up.’

Patti Boulaye