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Trinity is running a pilot from summer 2018 to test out delivery of Gold Arts Award in Sixth Forms.

Gold Arts Award is a level 3 qualification (150 hours TQT) carrying 16 UCAS points. The practical nature of the award builds independent learning plus communication, confidence & leadership skills for any student who enjoys the arts.

Gold Award offers valuable extension activity and a vocational portfolio for students who want to enter the creative industries. It is equally valuable for students who enjoy the arts but are planning different careers, and can be offered alongside or instead of EPQ.

In this pilot, Trinity is offering:

1. A bespoke in-house Gold training course during June/July 2018, to explore how Gold can work with the sixth form curriculum. There will a discounted charge of £70pp, saving £55pp against the cost of attending a public training course

We highly recommend attending the pilot training as this will address Sixth Form interests and outline the purpose of the pilot. If it is impossible to attend this training bespoke training day, you may attend a public Gold training course although we cannot guarantee the discounted price – click here for more information

Note: For this pilot there is no requirement to do Bronze/Silver Arts Award Adviser training before Gold.

2. Free support, including face to face, email/phone advice and specially curated resources

3. Discounted moderation of £20 per young person (half price) via postal or joint moderation

Colleges joining the pilot should offer:

1. At least one staff member to train as a Gold Arts Award Adviser and to act as lead contact for the project

2. A commitment to running Gold with 3-10 young people during academic year 2018/19, completing for moderation by July 2019

3. Willingness to share information and feedback

     a. completing a questionnaire at the beginning and end of the pilot
     b. up to three progress phone calls during the year
     c. feedback on how to position Gold within and/or alongside the curriculum, the benefits for students and ways in which Gold might be improved or adapted to better fit the needs of Sixth Forms

To register for this pilot, please click here

If you have any questions please contact Trinity’s Arts Development Manager annabel.thomas@trinitycollege.co.uk